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Centro Health - Natural Health Clinic
Children are different! Emotionally, Nutritionally, Physiologically. We know how to meet & treat their needs.
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Natural, Drug-free Solutions for Children's Health

Children's Health

Specialising in children's health, we use natural, gentle, drug-free techniques. At Centro we understand the health needs of children.

Your ‘child’s health’ starts with pre-conception care, continues in pregnancy and breast feeding and on to when your child grows through the various stages of his or her life.

Children have special health requirements. They have an immature physiology and their nutritional requirements are different from those of adults.

Centro Health is a multi-modality clinic with a team of skilled practitioners offering a wide range of Natural and Allied Health Services. Amongst these are Naturopathy, Allergy Testing, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Children's Health, Reproductive and Natural Fertility Management, Women's and Men's Health.

"We ask you to take a little time to see what we can offer you – this could be the most valuable moment you take on your journey to laying down the foundations for optimal health and wellbeing"

Natural Medicine – caring for our youngest patients

The three most important systems of the body to support whilst your child is growing are:

1 Neurological Function
Behavioural and cognitive difficulties can disrupt the learning ability of some children. It is critical that the developing brain receives the nutrition it needs and that neurotransmitter function is optimal to support:-

• Learning
• Memory
• Concentration
• Cognitive development
• Nervous system function
• Insomnia
• Stress and anxiety

2 Immunity
It is of utmost importance to support your child’s immune system as it develops. A healthy immune system may help to protect your child from common immunological conditions such as:-

• Eczema
• Upper respiratory complaints
• Allergy, hay fever, sinusitis
• Ear infections
• Coughs and colds

3 Gastrointestinal Health
Gastrointestinal function is fundamental to a child’s health and linked to immune regulation, neurological development and growth.

Some common gastrointestinal conditions which occur are:-

• Diarrhoea
• Constipation
• Poor digestive function
• Cramping and tummy aches
• Wind and gas
• Reflux

The best start for your child

To give your child’s health the best start, all that is required is a day to day routine following this simple 1, 2, 3 regime and adopting a nutritional balanced diet

1. Daily children’s multi-vitamin – enhanced absorption of minerals and activated vitamins
2. High quality fish oils for enhancing neurological function and brain cognition
3. Healthy gut bacteria for continued support to the health of the gastrointestinal system

Specific products for children
    We at Centro Health offer a range of 'Practitioner Only’ quality products designed for children taking their specific needs into account as they develop. We take into account….

    Appropriate dosages for children;
    Enhanced absorption of minerals and activated vitamins;
    Small serving sizes for small patients;
    For ‘Fussy Kids’ - don’t worry there are child friendly flavours for improved compliance.

Kits for Kids for you to have "on hand"
    Naturopath and Homeopath Susan Carr has enjoyed 18 years of looking after ‘little ones’.

    Apart from the daily care program above, Susan in her work as a Naturopath and Homoeopath has put together a series of homoeopathic kits for home use.

    1. Colds and sniffles kit
    2. Wet, dry & barking cough kits
    3. Teething kit
    4. Colic kit
    5. Growing pains kit
    6. Bites and stings kit
    7. Sleepy time kit
    8. Glue ear kit
    9. Sore throats kit
    10. Nits kit
    11. Worming kit
    12. Tummy ache kit

    These kits range from $24 - $49. A great way to have something on hand for your Children’s Health.

    "Sensible, cost effective, natural health care for the whole family ! "

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Centro Health's expertise is in Natural Health. Wherever possible we recommend the use of natural remedies that have been either clinically trialled or have been used in the public domain for extended periods of time. The Allergy testing services we offer for IgG and IgE are through accredited laboratories. In some cases the services of an immunologist may be appropriate to address certain allergic or intolerant conditions. Neither Centro Health nor Perth Allergy Clinic offer immunology expertise or services. Our services are limited to the provision of third party testing and advice relating to the information contained in the testing reports as well as naturopathic and nutritional advice. Clients using our services should satisfy themselves that immunology services are not required to address their health issues.

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