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Chakra Spinach

Mena Baines

Servicing area: Manly, Queensland

Chakra Spinach
Sekhem Energy healing; Venusian Astrology healing and Chakra cleansing to support, heal and energise you - by Appointment. Other serives include crystal therapy, psychic mediumship and tarot. Learn about healing with Venusian Astrology through our seminars and short courses. Check out our website for a host of activities Australia wide.

Chakra Spinach

Welcome to Chakra Spinach

We all learn from each other and the right teacher presents themselves when you are ready. What are you looking for right now?

Our Product Categories

  • Body Mind Confidence. Our journeys often come full circle, from the mysterious to the mundane and often it is difficult to tell the difference, and even more exciting when you realise that every one of your feelings is important - a key. Being confident is often the first step to finding what you are looking for.

  • Powerful Sekhem energy healing. I am very excited I have been given the opportunity to train in this healing method and welcome appointments in what is an enormously powerful modality.

  • Venusian Astrology healing

  • Psychic/Medium Readings

  • Chakra cleansing

  • Astrology Readings - Venusian Astrology

  • Chakra Spinach Workshops

  • Using Chakra Colours to heal

  • Crystal healing

  • Kabbalah and Tarot pathworking

About Us

Our journeys through life and spirit can take many amazing turns, where things a rarely as we expect.

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This work always reveals we are never alone. Help is always here for us.

Qualification Details

Mena Baines holds an MBA in business and has completed university units in Social Sciences. Mena is certified in Sekhem and Reiki, and as a natural clairvoyant has undergone training in mediumship. Mena is an experienced Astrologer and developed the Venusian Astrology perspective in the mid 90's.

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