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Chandana Ayurveda

Karina Thullesen - Chandana Ayurveda

Karina Thullesen
    Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic medicine with post grad in Marmapuncture/Ayurvedic acupuncture, Sira Vedana
Karina Thullesen has studied the ancient art of Ayurveda at AIHM in Perth and at Dharmasthala Ayurveda hospital in Udupi, Kanataka, India.

Karina is an experienced practitioner of Ayurveda with a great love and passion for the age old medicine. She uses pulse and tongue diagnosis as well as extensive case taking for correct diagnosis. Karina offers individual unique care of patients with very close monitoring throughout the healing process. Ayurveda offers very individualised healing programs with diet and lifestyle especially designed to balance Doshas.

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