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The Tri Dosha


Principles of Ayurveda - Chandana Ayurveda

Doshas are the 3 primary life forces in the body, biological humours. They are each made up of two elements

5 ELEMENTS : Space (ether), Wind (air), Fire, Water, Earth

Space & Wind

That which moves things : Ideas, initiations, mind, nerves, movement, sensory function, circulation, respiration.

light, cold, dry, rough, subtle, mobile, agitated eg; rice puffs.
Colour Dark grey or Black

Fire & Water

That which digests things. Transformation, the metabolic process digestion on every level food, processing of thought etc.

Slightly oily, unctuous, sharp or intense, hot, light, unpleasant odour, free flowing or mobile, liquid, eg; Mustard oil
Colour Red

Water & Earth

That which binds things together. Lubrication, growth and protection, mothering.

Unctuous, wet, cold, heavy, slow, dull, smooth soft, sticky or slimy, stable or firm. Eg Youghurt
Colour White

Doshas are present in varying unique proportions in each individual. This accounts for our diversity. There most often will be one dominant dosha and a secondary dosha. Ex Vata/Pitta Kapha/Vata Pitta/Kapha Vata/Kapha and so on.

In an undisturbed state Tridoshas contribute to health and happiness.

Due to our lifestyle and stress our Doshas become imbalanced

In Ayurvedic medicine we use the principle of opposites to treat all imbalances. We treat Doshas rather than diseases. This means that a "Western medicine diagnosis" is less important than the precise recounting of signs and symptoms.

Sattva - Rajas - Tamas Qualities of the mind

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