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Counsellor based in Caboolture. Conversations that make a difference – support and guidance to help you navigate life’s challenges.

Change quickly and easily - Counselling

Focus areas

Childbirth Self-care Irritability Complementary Well-being Stress management

Counselling assists those individuals who are struggling with some of life’s challenges to discover their balance and see a path forward when they are faced with these issues. Whether you just need someone to talk through, or you require some help with change, Sharron is able to discover the best possible approach to help you move forward. Sharron’s clients commonly report feeling more comfortable in a short time frame.

Sharron Mackison is a counsellor who brings a range of skills and extensive experience from the therapeutic frameworks of NLP, clinical hypnotherapy and systemic family constellations. This multi-dimensional, solution based approach provides powerful resources that Sharron utilises to help her clients unique issues in under 6 sessions or less.

Counselling goes beyond simply talking things over through in a non-judgemental environment, even though that is an integral aspect of treatment. Counselling can help you to explore new perspectives, and to develop a range of new skills, such as:

    • Effective thinking skills that reduce anxiety and depression

    • Easy ways to calm yourself down

    • Resolution of family patterns that may be holding you back

    • Helpful strategies for achieving goals

    • Improved relationship skills

Counselling is able to help you with:

    • Anxiety, worry

    • Grief

    • Personal issues like self-esteem, and self confidence

    • Adapting to stages of life

    • Relationship issues with partners (or ex-partners), children, parents, even if the other person doesn’t attend sessions

    • Coping with the impact of sudden changes and challenges, such as separation, divorce, changes in family circumstances

    • Mild to moderate depression

    • Anger and resentment

    • Long-standing unwanted patterns

    • Managing impact of fly in fly out (fifo) work

    • Relationship counselling, where both/all parties are willing to attend

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Professional Membership

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

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