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Who can benefit from professional supervision and Family Constellations? 

Change quickly and easily - Family Constellations

Have you already tried Counselling and other psychotherapies to treat your issues, but you never quite achieved the kind of changes that you were looking for? Then Family Constellation will work for you. Some of the issues that we experience are carried through many generations of your Family system, not only causing you suffering and pain, but blocking the energy and love of your ancestors from flowing to you.

The impacts of certain events, such as accidents, terrible tragedies, adoption, parents lost at an early age, childhood death, stillbirth, suicide, ill-gotten fain and other events occurring at any time in your family, are carried forward. They show themselves as the problems that individuals face, however, the healing lies in uncovering and resolving the wounds in the family system. Family Constellations are an effective and life altering way to do this.

Professional Supervision

Sharron is a qualified professional supervisor and is nationally accredited by ASCH, ACA and AHA to provide this service. Professional supervision is a confidential service that supports your professional growth by helping you to effectively reflect upon, and to resolve work-based interpersonal relationships, moral/ethical dilemmas and work-life balanced issues. It is a highly valuabke tool for private health practitioners and community service workers, at all different levels, to break down issues that arise in the workplace.

For more information about Professional Supervision and Family Constellation, click here.

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