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Talk to Wendy today about a food sensitivity assessment, if you recognise any of the above symptoms, in yourself or family members. Around 200 common foods and additives are usually assessed as a simple first step that gives you more control in maintaining health and wellbeing.

Change quickly and easily - Food Sensitivity

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At times actual food sensitivity or food allergies is the culprit. Common sensitivities are dairy and gluten (found in many grains). Symptoms of possible food sensitivity include:

    • Bloating, tummy ache and wind

    • Fatigue, specifically following a meal

    • Sneezing, runny nose etc.

    • Poor concentration, “brain fog” and distractibility

    • Agitation and hyperactivity

Wendy is able to look at your current diet, and highlight any foods that are aggravating an individual’s condition. She will help you to adjust to a diet that avoids the trigger foods, without restricting you to a “rabbit food” regime. Children frequently are not even aware that their much loved foods have been slightly modified for their specific food sensitivities. They will actually enjoy the additional “treats”.

Individuals are often surprised at just how quickly they will feel energised and well, once the aggravating additives and foods are removed from their diet.

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