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Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Linda Milburn

Servicing area: Perth & Freemantle, Western Australia

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Linda is a qualified, professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and TFT Practioner. Working with all areas of Hypnotherapy and specialising in Anxiety and Stress, Self Esteem, Confidence, Public Speaking, Release from Relationships, Libido and Infertility, Linda is also a qualified Reiki Master.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life - Hypnotherapy

The Many Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help You

Sports Performance
Sports psychology is a booming business. Many top athletes are now so close in terms of performance that their thoughts and feelings are the X-factor that brings victory.

Hypnosis can be used to enhance both team and solitary sports performance by helping to transform complex motor procedures into automatic movements, and to improve concentration and focus, thereby boosting confidence.

Confidence is the key, as demonstrated in a sports psychology study which found that top athletes had as just as much anxiety as their colleagues but had better self-talk.

Sales Motivation
Get the edge over the competition by using hypnotherapy to become motivated, positive and confident. You will be able to give better service to your customers and boost your sales figures and income.

Control Gambling
Whether you like the horses or the pokies, there’s nothing wrong with a little flutter. But lives can be affected when this gets out of control. Hypnosis has been proven to reduce and eliminate addictive gambling habits, bringing sanity back to your life.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Hypnosis can help you through the many stresses and changes that occur in pregnancy and aid in a much more relaxed and often pain-free natural childbirth.

Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome
Hypnosis can help you deal with traumatic events in a safe, comfortable way, so that you don’t have to constantly relive the events in your mind, and can move forward in a more positive disposition.

Fears and Phobias
Anxiety, fears and phobias have nothing to do with normal, rational thinking, yet the fears are genuine and can paralyze you. Often they stem more from the fear of what might happen rather than the logical ‘knowing’ of what probably will happen. Hypnosis can create a new perception of the focus of the fear, thereby reducing, and finally removing, the phobia.

Hypnotherapy can also address fear that stems from such events as a violent assault, allowing you to reclaim your life, and return confidently to normal behavior.

Personal Life Motivation
Lacking the get-up-and-go to get your life on track? Hypnosis can motivate you to make whatever changes you want to make in a safe and sensible way, to take control of your life and get things happening so you can create the life you want to live.

Stress Management
Hypnotherapy can easily help you shed accumulated stress, both mental and emotional, and regain the ability to stay calm and in control, even in very trying situations. Some of the many benefits of stress reduction are improved sleep and renewed zest for life, not to mention improvement in your general health and wellbeing.

Improve Your Memory
Hypnosis can help you to improve your memory and retain information simply and easily. It’s ideal for students of any age, or anyone who suffers from poor memory and wants to remember again.

Mind – Body Healing
Hypnosis can help restore balance to your mind and body so that all systems in the body are in harmony, and health and wellbeing are enhanced.

Pain Control
Hypnosis can be used to effectively control pain you may have from a variety of physical conditions. It can also mitigate the effects of medications, such as chemotherapy, so you can achieve a more comfortable state.

When used in conjunction with conventional medical treatment, hypnotherapy has been proven to significantly improve the quality of life for many people.

Quit Smoking
Quit smoking easily and comfortably, without the cravings, mood swings and weight gain!
Hypnosis can help you quit smoking in just a few sessions if you genuinely want to quit. The number of sessions varies according to whether it’s simply a bad habit or part of a more complex problem. The less emotional investment you have, the quicker you will see results. It is not unusual to quit smoking after only one or two sessions if it’s only a habit.

No matter the cause of your depression, hypnosis can help you regain control of your emotions, overcome panic attacks, and reduce stress and anxiety. You will regain your confidence, self esteem and personal happiness in a safe and natural way and your future can once more be something you look forward to.

Better Relationships
Hypnosis can help you develop more confidence and personal charisma to attract and keep more meaningful relationships in your life, and to improve the ones you already have in a pleasant and constructive way.

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Qualification Details

Linda Millburn
  • Advance Certificate Hypnosis – Australian Academy Hypnosis
  • Advanced Certificate Clinical Hypnosis – Academy of Applied Hypnosis
  • Certificate Advanced Mind Dynamics – Australian Academy of Hypnosis
  • Certificate in the Treatment of Pain and Psychosomatic Conditions – Australian Academy Hypnosis
  • Certificate Practitioner HNLP – Gary De Rodriguez Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Past Life Regression/Healing – Delores Cannon
  • Thought Field Therapy – Christopher Semmems
  • Certificate Motivational Coaching Diabetes – Devin Hastings
  • Certificate in Stress Management – Devin Hastings

Other training and studies
  • Treatment of Panic Attacks and Anxiety
  • Counselling
  • The Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome as used by the Dept. of Medicine, University Hospital of South Manchester, presented by Professor Peter Gibson, Gastroenterologist, and Sue Shepherd, Dietician
  • Client Centered Parts Therapy - Roy Hunter
  • IVF
  • Sexual Issues

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