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Cherry Creek Health

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (Remedial Massage, Acupressure & Acupuncture) "Personalised medicine that treats the root cause not just the symptoms"

Cherry Creek Health

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Immunity Gong Anxiety Anger Digestive system Lower back pain

Personalised medicine. All treatments include a consultation. In the consult I take your pulse, look at your tongue and ask a few questions. This aims to get a better understanding about what you need before coming up with a treatment plan. My treatments target the root cause as well as treat symptoms. I treat your organs and symptoms using acupressure, remedial massage and acupuncuture. I have over 700 organ acupoints and 18 massage techniques to choose from. I also can use cupping, moxabustion and give dietary advice. I use advanced acupuncture techniques. We will choose the best treatment(s) for you.

Your health is our shared responsibilty. You do your bit and I'll do mine.

Being focussed: I am known for my focus during a treatment. The person on my table is the most important person. Being totally focussed on the job at hand is the key. It allows me to better understand what is going on on the inside, so I can treat it. Working in the present is the best way to improve your health.The past and future are merely points of reference.

My history: I have been practicing for 13 years. I hold a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture. I am an accredited practitioner with Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Your health is the most important thing to me. Don't take the full weight of responsibility. Share it and see the benefits.


Tui Na (TCM Remedial Massage

Tui Na (TCM remedial massage) is a old form of healing through the hands. It is my speciality. It works on your internal organs and bodily functions. It does this through applying pressure to acupoints located on your body's 12 energy channels (meridians). For more details click "Services" above.


It works the same approach as acupressure, influencing organ and body by activating acupoints. It is just a different application using metal (needles) to activate acupoints. I use advanced needling techniques such as directional & multiple needling, threading, connecting and stimulus needling. Inquire.

Moxabustion & Cupping

Moxa and cupping can be part of a treatment (at no extra cost). Moxa uses fire (heat from the moxa stick) to active points.

Cupping uses suction/pressure to move energy and matter about the body. Both techniques are used to balance the body through promoting warmth and movement.

Dietary advice & Chi Gong

Dietary advice is also just part of the service at no extra cost. This advice is something you can take with you and apply outside of a treatment regime. You need good fuel. Without it, your mechanics job just gets harder. Chi gong is a form of internal exercise that works on your organs & mind.

Immunity -general & specialise HIV/AIDS

I have worked with people with HIV/AIDS for the last 10 years. It hasn't been about curing HIV/AIDS but supporting body organs esp. kidneys, liver and lungs. Immune deficiencies impact each person differently. The key is to work out how it is impacting then target healing at that line...

Back & neck pain

This is a speciality. I have treated back and neck pain the most. I also from time to time suffer from lower back pain. So I have spent a lot of time thinking and experiencing back pain. Treatments are always tailored but a common thread is usually supporting the kidneys especially the kidney Yang.

Womens health

This includes dysmenorrhea (period pain), menopause, lupus, varicose veins, anxiety and mood management. My treatments again are tailored to the individual but tend to follow the spleen, kidney and/or liver health. Giving temporary relief while treating the root cause.

Mental health

Treating mental health issue in people is my passion. It is close to my heart. I have experience in treating depression, anger, anxiety as partly of other health issues. I have experience and trained to treat people with bipolar or schizophrenia in a way to complement their principal medicine.

Weight control, fatigue, anxiety

This includes treating the organs of the digestive system. My ambition is to get the system balanced. In balance the digestive system will work more efficiently and be more robust. My job is to help you improve organ efficiency making you more able to assimilate the good and eliminate the heavy.

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