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High Road Chiropractic Centre

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Address 206 High RD
Riverton WA 6148
Servicing Areas Riverton, Western Australia
Phone 08 9354 7000

Treat your sporting related aches & pains the natural way, with a range of professional Sports Injury Therapy services from High Road Chiropractic Centre. Call today to make an appointment or for more information.

High Road Chiropractic Centre - Sports Injury Therapy

Why Come & See Us?

Chiropractic is an integral part of the care that many professional athletes receive. Many Olympic athletes also take advantage of the benefits of chiropractic. Just because you aren’t going to the Olympics doesn’t mean that you too can’t improve your health and performance with chiropractic care.

When it comes to sports injuries, weakness or improper stretching can put you at risk of injury. In addition, an untreated injury may result in further or even permanent damage. It is vitally important to get proper care for any sports injuries, preventing the development of chronic problems.

There are two basic types of sports injuries: the first is the result of a trauma inflicted by a collision, a slip or a fall. The second type is caused by the over-use of a muscle group or joint whereby the repetitive movement of the same area causes an inflammation or injury.

What Do We Do?

As chiropractors, we’re trained in treating sports injuries, we can advise you in the best way to heal an injury and how best to prevent it from recurring. Treatment can range from massage therapy to joint manipulation, or specific exercises that target problem areas and strengthen previously injured or weakened muscles and joints.

What Can You Do?

Any sporting activity should be preceded with a warm-up session. It is best to increase the frequency or duration of workouts slowly and progressively as strength and fitness levels increase. Fatigue or stress can be risky when working out, as it puts you at a higher risk of injury.

Working in conjunction with a qualified trainer and a chiropractor can help you stay in great shape and prevent injuries. If you’ve suffered a sports injury, give our office a call or send an email

  • Arm and Shoulder Injuries
  • Back Pain and Injuries
  • Concussions and Brain Injuries
  • Joint and Hip Pain
  • Knee and Hip Pain
  • Neck Pain and Injuries
  • Golfer benefits from chiropractic for hip pain
  • Chiropractic and Athletic Performance
  • Preventing Sports Injuries with Chiropractic

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