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Choose Confidence

Diane & Andrew Downward

HOVE SA 5048

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Choose Confidence

Not achieving your performance goals or feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed by life's demands and expectations?

We can Help.

Get balance and harmony back, perform at your best, excel in your professional life and enjoy leisure time.

Choose Confidence - Faster EFT

We help people struggling with fear, anxiety and self doubt gain confidence to make better choices with ease and clarity so they can live and perform at their best.

How we can help you

    • We use a technique that AIMS at what you don’t want
    • We release the negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you in the same old patterns
    • We empower you to see what you do want as being possible and achievable.
    • At the end of a session we will show you how you can do it for yourself anytime, anywhere.

What the technique addresses

FasterEFT (Emotionally Focused Transformations) can address the following:

    • Stress, Negative emotions and limiting beliefs including but not limited to
    • Fear, Anger, Sadness, grief, anxiety, phobias, feelings of no control, helpless, hopeless, powerless feelings, jealousy, hate, frustration, emotional traumas
    • Addictions, pain, money issues, sports performance and weight management.
    • You can try it on anything.

The reason we have problems

We all have our own unique way of being who we are. Eg. Shy, fearful, angry, anxious or confident, happy, joyful etc. eg:- why is one person fearful of heights and another person loves parachuting.

Sometimes we don’t like who we are or what is happening to us, and unless we know how to change, we won’t be able to change.

It’s all because of our past experiences and how we react in similar situations now, e.g.; the way we grieve or get angry.

All you have to know is how you know you have a problem.

Several people can be in exactly the same situation, yet all will respond to it in a different way and remember it differently later. That is why police will be suspicious if everyone recalls an accident exactly the same way.

We can change the way we perceive things, and we can change how we react to them

Release your past and your perception changes – then you see your world in a whole new more positive way. In other words change you inner world (what you hold in your subconscious) and your outside world changes.

When you release whatever still has an emotional charge from the past, it leaves space for positive happy memories and experiences.

Then you can visualize how you would like your future to be.

See, hear and feel it as if it is already happening.

You get what you focus on.
Stop focusing on what you don’t want.
Focus on what you do want – be positive

Our Sessions

A Session is usually between 1 ½ to 2 hours long. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and supported. You don’t even need to tell us your “story” unless you want to. It’s all about how you know you have a problem and how you feel about it. We help you release the persistent unpleasant feelings that come up when you have been triggered. These are the body’s reaction to the mind's perception of a situation based on past experiences.

About Us

Diane is an advance FasterEFT Level 4 Practitioners and Andrew Level 3 working at Brighton and Hove SA.We do either one on one sessions or on Skype for people both in Australia and overseas.

Diane has a background in Fitness, Bowen Therapy and EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and FasterEFT. Robert Smith the Founder of Faster EFT came To Australia several years ago and she has been passionate about using Faster EFT (Emotionally Focus Transformations) ever since.

Andrew who had been studying Hypnotherapy, Time Line therapy and NLP, saw the results Di was getting and decided to do the training as well. They attend Robert’s seminars when he visits Australia every year and is involved in mentoring programs to continue updating and improving their skills.

We love the positive change in people by the end of a session. They often look younger, like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, a realization that they have a choice about how they feel and the knowledge can change it.


For more information or to make an enquiry contact us today!!

Qualification Details

Diane and Andrew have both completed
FasterEFT Level 1
FasterEFT Level 2
FasterEFT Level 3
FasterEFT Level 4 Diane

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