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Completely Different Dietetics

Empowering, encouraging, judgement-free experts on your team.

Choose Nutrition


Health at Every Size®

No one should be treated differently because of the size of their body; all bodies deserve respect and care. We are weight-neutral at Choose Nutrition.

Experience Matters

We are a team with extensive clinical experience and leaders in our field. We invest in ongoing professional development and learning.

A Fresh Approach

Choose Nutrition is a no-shame zone. We’re with you through the ups and downs. We’re on your team, listening and caring, side by side with you.

Tricky Kids

We love working with kids and families, empowering families to overcome challenging eating behaviour, clinical and sensory concerns. We are NDIS providers.

Eating Disorders

Choose Nutrition dietitians work collaboratively with other health professionals to treat disordered eating and eating disorders.

Weight Concerns

On the “diet treadmill”? We can get you off it for good, getting you back your peace of mind and helping you find a relaxed approach to food.

Meet the Choose Nutrition Team

Meg McClintock

Principal Dietitian 

Hi, I’m Meg, Founder and Principal Dietitian at Choose Nutrition. I’m so glad you are investigating how you can make positive health change.

It is my mission to be part of a positive shift in dietetics toward an understanding and compassionate model of care. I’m not happy with the judgement and guilt that too many people feel about what they eat or how they feed their family. There can be so much fear, confusion and uncertainty about healthy eating, making it hard to make good choices. I aim to help you find your answers, to empower you to feel confident and relaxed about food, while you feed yourself and your family.

Too many people have seen dietitians and come away feeling judged, treated like a child, or just “told what not to eat”. This doesn’t help people make positive improvements to their health and is not what we are about. At Choose Nutrition we use the “Non-diet Approach” to nutrition which falls within the Health at Every Size (HAES®) paradigm. HAES® is an evidence-based approach to health improvement based on principles of respect, compassionate self-care and critical awareness. Utilising this framework and a client-centred care model, my approach will empower you to make permanent positive change and support you with compassionate care throughout the whole process.

Tracy Stock

Associate Dietitian | Hawkesbury Region

I believe that the desire to achieve good health and well-being has to come from within. I will help you believe in yourself and set realistic goals. I will not tell you what to do, but work with you as your nutrition expert and coach. Together, we can work on nutrition and diet related goals that are evidence-based, realistic, attainable and – above all – tailor made just for you.

Angela Smith

Associate Dietitian | Hunter Region

My aim is to offer personalised care and a non-judgemental space for us to explore the things that are important to you and your health, and in feeding yourself and others.  

My approach to offering dietetic support is to help you feel positive about your food and nutrition choices, and how this can support your overall health and well-being.

Leila Niemela

Associate Dietitian | North Sydney

I aim to balance traditional wisdom and modern science, offering individualised nutrition counselling designed to help you discover what genuine health really means to you. Whether it’s helping you say goodbye to dieting and restrictive eating or getting to the crux of your food intolerances and digestive woes, my holistic approach helps you connect the dots between food and your health, giving you the
tools to create a lifestyle that supports lasting health.

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