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About Us

Welcome to Choose Your Chapter

How can we help? That is our purpose, to help you choose the chapter of life you wish to live.


Most people have been brought up to believe we need to fix what is wrong in our lives - our weakness, what's broken. Research has shown this is unproductive. Concentrating on weakness leads to stress, anxiety and exhaustion. It drains our energy. Our worries compound and create more stress, more anxiety and we become even more tired.

The simple solution is to focus on what we are good at, what inspires us and what gives us energy - our strengths. 

Makes Sense?

It may not be easy, BUT it is simple.

We are here to teach you how - regardless of whether you are facing issues right now, are a bit flat or simply want to improve your wellbeing. Our goal is to help you create a higher level of excellence in your life.

By identifying, understanding and focusing on your thoughts, emotions and actions you will begin to live your life on purpose. A life of strengths.

We define a strength as an ability to develop excellence through your natural patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. Through scientifically proven methods, we help you identify these patterns. Then we help you target them towards the outcomes you want to achieve. Your thoughts influence your emotions and vice versa; and, your thoughts and emotions influence your actions. They simply need to be purposeful, positive and constructive.


Strengths based living involves foundational strategies and techniques you may apply to any area of your life.


You may want to focus on relationships at home with your loved ones - partner or kids, or at work with colleagues or a manager or even the relationship you have with yourself. Understanding your strengths allows greater communication, self-efficacy and intent.

Personal Development

Tall poppy syndrome in Australia is a damaging concept, rarely do we want to admit or own what we do well. Developing self-awareness, knowing and understanding who we are as individuals is a healthier way of living. Gone are the days of only executives, upper management and company owners utulising personal development coaches. Personal development is the process of developing what we're great at, are you ready to develop your life?


You may run your own business, be searching for a career or looking for a promotion and asking where to from here? Aligning your thoughts, emotions and actions to your business or career will achieve greater success which ever field you're in.


Are you wanting to improve the results of your team or management style? Leadership programs are designed to achieve these results. We define leadership as the ability to bring the best out in yourself and those around you.


At Choose Your Chapter (CYC) we have created foundational coaching and training packages which we then design to suit your needs. All of our packages include strengths based psychology and learning methods.


Mindfulness is more than sitting on a mountain in a state of bliss. In practical terms it is the conscious awareness of thought, emotion and behaviour. It is a process of thinking on purpose, feeling on purpose and acting on purpose. The benefits of being mindful is supported by scientific research. Psychological science produced Social-Cognitive theory which studies how your attitudes (thoughts, emotions and behaviours) are influenced by your environment and how and what you learn growing up. Mindfulness, or being mindful, is your conscious ability to be aware of your social-cognitive traits; being aware of how you think, how you feel, and how you behave. The practice of mindfulness is directing these traits in a more empowering manner.

Life Coaching – Mindset Coaching Through COVID

We use only world renowned, scientifically researched processes and methods. All of our coaches have accreditations and qualifications specific to their field of excellence.

Cognitive Behaviour Approach

You may have heard of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, we believe therapy involves fixing something or looking at what's broken. Which is counterproductive to our methods. Therefore, we use the cognitive behavioural approach, which means to identify and understand your natural patterns of how you think, feel and behave. Then we provide you with the tools and help you develop the skills, to direct them more purposefully.

Business/Executive Coaching

This is another area of specialty (read about Danny). Whether you own your own business or work within a company that is in need of professional development, areas to address are engagement, communication and productivity. What is most important is to consider how much these three areas are already costing you and your business - regardless of whether you're a sole trader or have more than 1000 staff, or somewhere in between. Our programs will reduce your costs and increase efficiency and productivity.

About Danny

Danny is the founder of CYC and believes each individual is unique and has the right to develop their abilities and talents. In serving others, he provides the tools that bring about joy and increased wellness. His clients experience fulfilment and success because they know what they were born to do. This contentment and happiness filters through to relationships with friends, customers, family and most importantly, self.

Danny has been coaching for over 25 years in business, relationships and sport. A strong believer in knowing how it feels to walk in someone else's shoes, he is a compelling driver to succeed. As a business owner, Danny has battled with stress, anxiety and depression. He has the experience and knows what it takes to deal with such conditions.

During a dark period, as a client himself, Danny was introduced to strengths-based coaching as a solution to his struggles. It changed his life for the better. He loved it so much he went out and studied to become a strengths coach. So much so, Danny is one of only 12 Australians trained and qualified in using Gallup’s Entrepreneurial Strengths Profiling Tool, the BP10.

Danny was born to coach and wants to personally help you. Although he admits his coaching style is not a fit for everyone; and will tell you so. However, he will point you in the right direction and pair you up with a coach who will.

Simply call today for a complimentary initial consultation and learn how we can help you.


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Qualification details

  • Credentialed Practitioner in Life Coaching
  • CYC Credentialed Strengths Coach
  • Qualified Entrepreneurial BP10 Business Profiler
  • Dip. Business
  • Dip. Leadership & Management
  • Cert IV TAE (Trainer)
  • Current Undergrad Psychology
This practitioner provides online consults
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