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Mindfulness is your ability to bring the unconscious to the conscious.

If you don't mind, then your mind won't matter.


How rough are you finding it - at work, at home, in your relationships... now throw in a worldwide pandemic; it’s no wonder we’re struggling in our day-to-day lives. Are you battling with depression, stress and mental health issues; or are you simply seeking that spark? It’s simple to imagine people searching for new ways to find happiness and success, especially looking for what worked in the past. But those strategies may not quite work anymore. Perhaps they never worked.

We need new age, alternative methods to find a better way. Unfortunately, there is a stigma around terms like “new age” and “alternate” believing they might lack research foundation, or are some magical potion or concept yet untested. We tend to trust in science. Perhaps it’s time to consider the science of mindfulness. Yes, mindfulness is a scientific concept.

Mindfulness is the conscious awareness of thought, emotion and behaviour. Thinking on purpose, feeling on purpose and acting on purpose. Being mindful is founded on scientific research. Psychological science produced Social-Cognitive theory which studies how your attitudes (thoughts, emotions and behaviours) are influenced by your environment and how and what you learn growing up. Mindfulness, or being mindful, is your conscious ability to be aware of your social-cognitive traits; being aware of how you think, how you feel and how you behave. The practice of mindfulness is directing these traits in a more empowering manner.

How to Practice Mindfulness

Different practitioners use different measures to teach you how to practice mindfulness. At CYC we use highly sophisticated psychometric tools during our mindfulness programs. We implement a process called the Name, Claim and Aim process.

First, we assess your natural patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour using a scientific tool used by over 20 million people worldwide - the Name step. Your results will be so unique that the chances of someone having similar results is greater than one in 33 million people.

The Claim step involves a deep dive into your unique patterns. You will begin to understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do. You will recognise how your moods change, how your thoughts impact those moods and how you have allowed these thoughts and mood swings to impact how you achieve what you have. You will reflect on how these patterns have been positive and negative and identify when they’re shifting to a negative zone.

The final step is to Aim your new learnings, which in this case, 'final' means: for as long as you choose to aim them. This step is more akin to traditional mindfulness practices. During this step you give deliberate attention to your natural patterns of success. You notice when you are using your success patterns, how you feel and what you are thinking. As a result, you will notice early when things veer off course and, you will have the tools to re-align.

We like to believe you will integrate these tools into every aspect of your life and continue to aim them for as long as possible. You will be given tools and strategies to purposely aim your thoughts, emotions and actions to become who you want to be, improve your communication style and build stronger relationships (at work, at home and with yourself). You will learn when these natural patterns have been unproductive in the past and how to productively manage and direct them in the future. You will learn about triggers and how to identify them, avoid them and deal with them. Overall, you will aim your thoughts, emotions and behaviours to create your culture of excellence.

Mastering Mindfulness

By practicing mindfulness, you will improve your ability to:
  • Become more self-aware
  • Increase self-efficacy
  • Reduce stress
  • Build strong habits of mind
  • Find the energy to live your dreams
  • Lower depression
  • Have healthy relationships
  • Feel accepted for who you are


We offer a complimentary initial consultation to answer any questions and provide any further information for you to commence your journey. Packages start from an initial Name session and are then tailored to suit your needs.

We recommend one session to Name, one to Claim, then one to two sessions to begin Aiming. From there you will have the tools to either continue yourself, continue regularly with us or simply book a session whenever you feel you need a top up. It will be up to you. 

Manage your thoughts; manage your emotions; manage your behaviours... Live your life mindfully!

Mindfulness Example

Growing up we are taught how to develop habits to achieve what we need to achieve, it could be walking, eating, reading etc. We apply our thoughts, emotions and behaviours and over time we learn to complete these tasks without even thinking; they become unconscious habits. For example, when you first learn to walk you learn to brace yourself, bend your knees, lift one leg at a time, move one foot in front of the other etc, etc. Although we all have different ways of learning, we were all consciously learning. Then how well you learned to walk would often influence your emotions – such as confidence, fear, joy, frustration, sadness and satisfaction. These emotions would then affect your ability to walk. As this was a new experience, it was unlikely we were aware of how much our emotions and thoughts were impacting our ability. Eventually we would learn to walk without having to think - forming an unconscious habit.

Consider this, every time you go for a walk, do you have to remember to put one foot in front of the other or does it come naturally? Mindfulness as a basic example suggests you would concentrate on every step; feel every movement, be aware of how you’re thinking and feeling, taking every step on purpose. Although a basic example, mindfulness uses similar strategies to align with any and every process you implement into your life.

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Qualification Details

  • Credentialed Practitioner in Life Coaching
  • CYC Credentialed Strengths Coach Qualified
  • Entrepreneurial BP10 Business Profiler
  • Dip. Business Dip. Leadership & Management
  • Cert IV TAE (Trainer)
  • Current Undergrad Psychology

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