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Chris Mollica

Ringwood East VIC 3135

Servicing area: Ringwood & Eastern Suburbs VIC

Chris Mollica Coaching

Changing unhealthy habits and beliefs motivates you to achieve your goals.

Hypnotherapy to Change Unhealthy Habits & Beliefs

Facts and Fallacies of Hypnotherapy

Chris Mollica Coaching uses hypnotherapy to help people in Ringwood East VIC who are struggling to change their thought and behaviour patterns which prevent them from achieving what they want in life.

Hypnotherapy, contrary to what you see in the movies, does not let you do things involuntarily. When you undergo this type of therapy, you go into a deep trance to activate your unconscious mind and make it susceptible to suggestions that will positively alter habits and beliefs that are doing you no good. 

While in the state of hypnosis, you are in full control of what you do and say. Chris’s role is to guide you into a hypnotic trance so that you can minimise the activity of your conscious mind while putting your subconscious mind to work.

Our conscious mind has a slower learning pace than the subconscious mind. It has to do something repeatedly in order to master it or develop it into a habit. Some examples of our day-to-day activities that require us to use our conscious mind are cooking a new dish, shopping and picking which clothes to wear to an event. 

On the other hand, the subconscious mind learns faster through what we experience. Travelling to work and back home is something that doesn’t require the energy of your conscious mind because it’s second nature to you, hence stored in your subconscious mind. 

How Hypnotherapy Works 

The effectiveness level of hypnotherapy lies in your objective. If your goal is to quit smoking because your partner told you to do so, then you’re less likely to achieve that goal because deep within you, you don’t want to quit.

For hypnosis to work, you need to have an open mind and accept what it can do for you wholeheartedly. 

Common Fallacies of Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis causes amnesia. Whilst some areas of your hypnosis session may turn out vague after waking up from a trance, it won’t last. 
  • You can be hypnotised without your consent. This is an unfounded assertion because hypnosis won’t work without your active participation. A hypnotherapist can only guide you into a trance, but it’s up to you whether or not you follow their instruction.
  • A hypnotist can control your actions and words. This is another baseless statement because a patient will only follow a hypnotheraist’s instruction if it supports their morals, values and beliefs. 

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