Reiki & Vitaflex Technique Practitioner

Christene Dukes

Muirhead NT 810

Tibetan Reflexology or VitaFlex Technique as it is known is a specialized form of hand and foot massage

Reiki & Vitaflex Technique Practitioner


A gentle yet powerful technique that is similar to Reflexology in that they both use the concept that the feet and hands map the entire body. Therefore by working on specific reflex points, we can in turn affect and support other parts of the body.

Even though Vitaflex is an ancient art form, it is vastly unknown and a new emerging modality here in Australia.

VitaFlex Technique uses 5000 different reflex points in the body.  It has a unique, rhythmic rolling movement of the fingers used to stimulate these reflex points. The gentle pressure produced by this movement generates a piezo-electric pulse – a form of electricity – which travels along energy pathways to the corresponding part of the body.  VitaFlex Technique is further enhanced by the use of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living®, these are guaranteed to be free of any and all chemical adulteration and are oils are chosen because you deserve the best!  Specific essential oils are chosen and applied to certain reflex points to support the corresponding body systems.

Benefits of VitaFlex Technique include deep relaxation, the opportunity for inner connection, supports all body systems and the effects can be felt through the entire body.


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Reiki & Vitaflex Technique Practitioner