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Christina Burki

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Suffering from Loss, Depression, Relationship problems, Lack of confidence, Grief, Stress or Trauma? Looking for an Animal Therapist to help with your pet? Then Christina Burki is the professional to call!

About Christina Burki


My name is Christina Burki, I am a Gestalt Psychotherapist with a long history of counselling. I am well equipped to help you identify issues, regain your inner self, build confidence and mend broken bonds.

It is my heartfelt desire to help individuals, like you, turn past conflicts into positives, enabling you to restore balance to your life, releasing the flow of energy within!

Dive into your core self and thrive!

Services On Offer
    Counselling Services
    Gestalt Therapy
    Animal Therapy
    Mindfulness Treatments
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About Me - Christina Burki
    Qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist
    Bachelor of Education
    Youth counsellor
    Refugee support counsellor
    Church support worker
    Bereavement therapist
    Family therapist
    Personal counsellor
Born on the coast of Holland, I enjoyed from an early age the feeling of sand between my toes and the fresh sea air in my lungs. Drawn away, aged twenty, from the Dutch seaboard to the rivers and lakes of Switzerland and again years later to the warmer shores of Perth WA, water has remained a constant and powerful influence in my life. I live with my darling husband of 29 years Andreas, and together we have been blessed with two wonderful children and a much loved grandson. We also share our lives and home with a Labrador, a Golden Retriever and 2 cats.

For me, water is the symbol of life. It is the primordial source, life’s origin and its flow mirrors our own lives – sometimes tumultuous, sometimes calm. When life is in flux, energies flow freely and spontaneously. If life becomes blocked, say as if a dam had been built in its path, the force of the flow is inhibited: the river subsides, the river bed dries out.

“The force of the sea is powerful and resonant, and calls on us simply to be.”

Water however has the power to heal, to reinvent itself, forging new paths and navigating old ones and these are the benefits I try to pass on to my clients using various Gestalt Therapy techniques enabling them to address past issues and once again become reacquainted with their “inner self” or “core self”.

My Professional History

A qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist I also have more than 10 years experience as a kindergarten/pre primary professional with a Bachelor of Education. Other background experience includes youth counsellor, refugee support counsellor, church support work, bereavement therapist, family therapist and personal counsellor.

Business experience includes co-founding consulting firm BuerkiBroos GmbH as well as my own consultancy. Extensive expertise in counselling adults faced with life-changing decisions and challenges. Highly motivated therapist with integrity, drive and well-developed interpersonal skills. Languages: English, Dutch, German, Swiss German and French.


"From 2005 to 2008 I was counselled by Gestalt Psychotherapist Christina Burki. During this time I learned to deal with my past and choose the goals that I wanted to reach. Before working with Christina I would retreat into my shell. Now I have come out of my shell and am an adventurous person. Thank you Christina for those three years, you gave me the support and guidance I needed.’’
- Young Swiss woman (35yrs)

‘’I faced my past. My wife and children find it easier to connect with me now and my stress has significantly reduced. I can honestly recommend this type of therapy to anyone’’
- Jason D

‘’Christina guided me through my problems of loneliness, fear, being full of pain, living my life like I was in a play and feeling homesick as an immigrant. I am now authentic. I say what I want and need. I am in full contact with my dear family and I know where I belong. My inner child and I are one now and I found my spiritual home in myself. Thank you Christina, I can highly recommend you to anyone’’
- Young female

‘’When I met Christina in 2009 I felt immediately that she was the right person to talk to. I was absolutely ready to do some work and it took only several hours for me to feel much better. She is very professional and most importantly, a very insightful therapist. I loved every hour with her’’
– 54 year old female

“In working with traumatized patients Christina used creative methods which really helped the patients find new ways of getting through trauma - distorted structures in themselves, finding new self-support and reorganizing their lives constructively. I have appreciated and valued Christina’s original and existential way in apply Gestalt Therapy Methods and adequately adopting them to the various patients structures and conditions."
- Katharina Martin, Dipl. Psych and Co-founder of the IGW Institute

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