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Welcome to The Health Assistance Centre of Christine Ludke, Registered Naturopath (CMA 858)

Christine Ludke Naturopath

Servicing area

Woree, Yungaburra, Townsville

Focus areas

Weight management Anger Health assessment Facial Alternative medicine Optimal health

About Her

Christine started her practice some 30 years ago on the Atherton Tableland; she held Clinics in Mareeba and also in Cooktown during the early years. Her Tutor and Minder during this time, Ashley West of Ravenshoe inspired, then supported Christines desire to break the shackles of the past as well as an entrenched health system and assist people to be informed and responsible for their own health management.

Mr West was a great believer in the Practitioner being the Holistic Diagnostic not just the Healer of issues with which the client approaches the Practitioner.
This then became Christines passion; to carry on this dream of making a difference to society and the empowerment of people to recognize their individuality and so nutritional and biochemical needs.

Over several years in the early 1980s Christine travelled far and wide to get access to training from the most knowledgeable Lecturers in their fields of expertise; the late Robert Lucy who followed on from Joseph Angerer in Iridology; Biochemists, Dr Henry Oseiki and Dr Ian Brighthope; all highly renowned within the Alternative Medicine Field, became her inspiration.
Christine continues, to this day, attending National Seminars accessing the latest research.

Iris Diagnosis or Iridology was almost unknown to the Far North when, in the mid 1980s Christine bought her first Iriscope. Christine became affectionately known as the Looky Eye Lady. After moving to Cairns at the end of 1989 for a short time, Christine, then set up Practice in Mission Beach in early 1990. The Beach became her home, for twenty years, from where she ran a very successful business, however she continued Cairns Clinics every Saturday for nearly 20 years.

Christine is a full Registered Naturopath.

Our three daughters, Shilo Mason, Tia Brennan & Belinda Hobday- own and run - Ariya Health.

Ariya Health is a Practitioner Support Company which provides access to - up to date scientific research, knowledge and practitioner support plus practitioner only products to/for Health Practitioners throughout Australia. It is a personalised business, being run by practitioners, who have lived all of their life with natural health as their basis for life;

After Christine’s many years of practice is now being supported by her three daughters who own Ariya Health at 62 Ingham Rd; West End in Townsville.

If you are unable to procure an appointment with Christine; she has no hesitation in promoting :
Shilo Mason; BSc. Lecturer & Naturopath - now taking clients by appointment at 62 Ingham Rd.
Shilo is a Biochemist; who has already changed many peoples lives, with her in-depth knowledge of how the human form should function; is taking Naturopathy to a new level.

Tia Brennan; Naturopath at Health On The Hill at 1845 Anzac Avenue, Mango Hill in Brisbane, is following in my footsteps by using Iris Diagnosis as a basis for optimal health assessment. Tia, also, by appointment takes clients at 62 Ingham Rd ; West End, Townsville

Contacts for either of these Practitioners :
Shilo : 0747213666 -
Tia : 0429682722 -
Belinda : 0747213666
Ariya Health Office manager, Townsville, distributes products directly to your Practitioner, throughout Australia

Christine's Modalities

Natural Therapy modalities practised are inclusive of :

  • Iris Diagnosis,
  • Wholistic Diagnosis; Facial and Body language
  • Fertility management ( A Speciality)
  • Weight Loss (HCG)
  • Blood type Test
  • Blood type Diet Support
  • Insomnia,
  • Behavioural disorders,
  • Menopause; PCOS; Hormonal imbalances
  • Bowen Therapy
  • Massage

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Professional Membership

  • Complementary Medicine Association

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