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City2Coast Counselling

Cheryl Taylor

24 Williams St
Inverloch VIC 3996

Servicing area: Port Melbourne, Inverloch & Brighton

City2Coast Counselling

Cheryl supports couples to resolve conflict, improve communication, develop understanding & strengthen their emotional bonds.

Children, Relationship & Group Counselling (Personal & Online)

Services Offered

Children’s Counselling

With Cheryl’s Expressive Therapy approach, she gives children the opportunity to express their feelings and imagination through a series of expressive experiences, including sandplaying, narrative, painting, poetry, music, and movement. 

Counselling for Teenagers

When teens enter this developmental stage. They find a way ahead, try new stuff, move away from old stuff and establish what they believe, feel, and want. This will provide a safe, compassionate environment in which young people can look at their issues, problems, and choices. 

Supervision with Cheryl

Cheryl provides input and advice on client service and also assists the therapist in his personal and professional development. She is able to encourage meditation and provide counsellors with the opportunity to reflect on their interactions in working with customers, using the insight that can be learned from this reflection.

Supervision with Lindy

I want to help the counsellor improve his knowledge of the customer and discuss the most relevant solutions and approaches. Being in the world of mental health has many opportunities and obstacles and I am happy to share my experience with other experts.

Online Counselling

Online consultation allows you to choose a psychologist depending on your own professional adequacy and does not limit your preference to a few local experts. You can also access the service from your house or another convenient location, avoiding transportation and traffic.

Personal Counselling

This encourages the creation of emotional intelligence and world-changing ability with an effect on the life of the rest of the individual.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

This includes partners in talks and events to help build a solid base for good relationships.

Relationship Counselling

It will assist you in managing disputes, enhancing cooperation, increasing empathy, reinforcing emotional relationships, and establishing or restoring a fun, healthy, and harmonious partnership.

Supervision Groups

(Regular monthly online supervision groups of 2 hrs duration using Zoom)

Such classes are meant for regular visitors who want to be part of an ongoing core group. It facilitates the trust and sense of safety of group members, thereby facilitating truthful interaction and input and creating greater discovery, growth and development opportunities.

Supervision Groups

(Regular monthly face to face ‘Reflective Practice” supervision groups of 3 hrs duration)

The program focuses on meditation and provides members with the ability for positive self-exploration activities to help them improve themselves and their career. It will also be possible to conduct case consultations. 

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