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Servicing area: Port Melbourne, Inverloch, VIC

City2Coast Counselling

Cheryl supports couples to resolve conflict, improve communication, develop understanding and strengthen their emotional bonds.

Kunaurra - Counselling

Couples Counselling

Cheryl has undergone significant levels of training and experience in the field of relationship counselling. She utilises a variety of techniques taken from different modalities to suit each the unique and specific needs of the couple she is dealing with. She actively works to assist couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, strengthen their emotional bonds, develop understanding and build a loving and harmonious relationship.

Family Therapy

Cheryl is additionally trained in Family Therapy, as result she is able to work with families to overcome any possible family crises, resolve conflicts and aid them to build a positive family unit. "My experience working with people of all ages empowers me to work successfully with the entire family, helping them to push ahead with improved behaviour and techniques for enhancing communication, resolving conflicts and critical thinking."

Individual Counselling

Cheryl is committed to supporting clients in their own healing and personal growth.  Her work with clients promotes the development of emotional intelligence and skills that are life changing, with a resonating influence for the rest of the person’s life.  Cheryl supports clients in developing awareness around automatic responses and patterns of behaviour which in turn empowers them to relieve distress and bring about the changes and growth they wish to see.

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