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Sometimes the hands can express what the mind cannot fathom and words cannot say.

Sandplay Therapy for Self-awareness, Understanding & Self-expression

Sandplay therapy is a gentle and soothing approach to emotional release, problem solving and finding direction and purpose.

The tactile and creative nature of sandplay facilitates the expression of the sub-conscious mind, helping the individual to make sense of their experience.

The process involves selecting symbols (small figurines, toys, ornaments, shells, stones) to create a scene in a tray of sand. This fosters creativity and allows for processing experience and release of emotions.

By manipulating the symbols in the sand, one can gain a sense of mastery over a situation and discover a different perspective or new way forward.

A sandtray can be created with a specific theme or issue in mind, or alternatively, without direction or a theme, allowing free expression and the mystery to unfold.

Sandplay therapy can provide clarity of mind and purpose, and a shift in energy and attitude for clients of all ages.

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