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Playing Sports, participating in regular exercise or physical activities obviously has positive benefits to you.

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When you sustain a sports injury, it usually prevents you from training or participating at your usual level. If your injury isn’t allowed to heal properly, you can develop long term issues or pain that doesn’t go away. Sometimes the longer term consequence of a sports injury that hasn’t been allowed to heal may not become evident until later in your life.

What can you do to prevent Sports Injuries ?

Sports Injury Prevention Tips

Learn how to stretch your muscles

If your muscles are tight or tense you predispose yourself to injuries. Proper warm up and up or cool down helps your body to adjust and recover. The cool down time is the best time to work on your flexibility as your muscles are already warmed up.

Get your Biomechanics and body alignment in order

If your body has muscle imbalances, areas of weakness or areas of excessive tightness this will place a lot of strain and tension on parts of your body as it tries to function in a way that it was not designed to do. If you have misalignment one area of your body this will have a negative affect other body parts. Biomechanics or alignment is something that is not necessarily obvious to you yourself. At City Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Treatment clinic our experienced therapists have special training in this area. We can then work with you to improve your biomechanics and alignment. We will do this with a combination of hands on physiotherapy, remedial massage, dry needling, corrective exercises and management of your issues.

Hands on Physiotherapy, Remedial or Sports Massage

If you play sport, exercise, run, cycle or train at the gym a lot then giving your muscles some regular relief with hands on physiotherapy, remedial or sports massage will help to keep lengthened and in good shape. If you are trying to increase the intensity or frequency of your exercise, like training for a specific event or tournament then receiving some specific treatment before and after will assist your bodies ability to deal with the increased exercise demands.

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