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Pregnancy Massage / HypnoBirthing/ Fertility/ AnteNatal to PostNatal Care.

Pregnancy & Post Natal Care

At The Healing Practice we treat pregnant women from pre-conception to pregnancy nudging to labour along (if we can and the baby allows it) to postnatal attention.


Struggling to conceive and done everything possible? We offer Fertility Massage, Fertility Hypnosis and other techniques to help you to fall pregnant! You probably know already what can affect your fertility and no doubt, have done your best to make some good changes. We provide you with some other tools that you may not have considered and they work!

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a specialised Massage, incorporating remedial and therapeutic techniques as is required, to meet the individual needs of the pregnant woman and her baby. Ideally, a specially trained practitioner will treat you, to assist with the tensions and discomforts experienced during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Counselling

Sometimes pregnancy is not all ‘peaches and cream’ for some women. It can be a demanding and challenging time. It can impact on a woman’s physical health, her mental and emotional well-being and affect her work and relationships. When a woman is genuinely struggling with something that she cannot fix herself, and the problem appears to worsen as she becomes more pregnant, it is time to seek appropriate help.  As pregnancy is a finite time and not without its own set of discomforts, it is advisable to seek early and appropriate support to get a better understanding of what is happening for you. 


HypnoCalmBirth is a method of childbirth preparation that is based on the premise: that everywoman can achieve an easier and calmer childbirth when she knows how. Simple, enjoyable and personable instruction based on hypnosis, meditation and childbirth education works, to give you resourceful skills and a heart pathway to bring your baby into the world.

Natural Labour Induction Massage

If you go beyond your due date and panic starts to set in, there are various things you can do to naturally induce your labour and massage is one of them. Massage is a safe method to relieve both physical and mental discomfort and relax you while pregnant. Labour Induction Massage can help encourage you and baby into labour.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage aids childbirth recovery. A treatment corrects the things that can be put right after childbirth, and to sooth any ongoing discomforts into easier manageability, and help you return to optimal comfort. There is a lot going on with the new challenges of mothering for your first baby or the next baby, and massage makes an effective difference in restoring your sense of self and touching base with your newly felt post-pregnant body.

Postnatal Debriefing/Counselling

Debriefing labour and the birth is an important task to do. It helps women to go through what happened, how their experience was and importantly, did it match their expectations or not? Prior to labour, most women pretend that they have no expectations, so the entire process must be examined to ensure the best transition to Motherhood.

Prenatal & Postnatal Depression

Some women are at an increased risk of depression during pregnancy (known as the antenatal or prenatal period) and in the first year following childbirth (known as the postnatal period). The causes of depression at this time can be complex and are often the result of a combination of factors- which we will examine together.


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