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Clair Ingleton

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Clair’s gentle, practical and understanding approach will help you achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle and live better, forever.

Clair Ingleton Naturopathy & Buteyko

Servicing area

Sydney, NSW

Focus areas

Pre-conception Anxiety Skin conditions Well-being Stress management Sinus

About Clair

As a Naturopath, Clair is a firm believer in the power of natural healing. Her speciality area is in children’s and women’s health. As a woman and a mother of two beautiful children, she has an abundance of first-hand knowledge about the impact of fertility, hormones, children’s health, and general wellbeing for both children and adults.

Practising naturopathy daily on herself and her family, Clair understands the importance and the benefits that lead to a balanced lifestyle. Clair used naturopathy to overcome pre-conception difficulties, thyroid difficulties, and PCOS.

Whether you are looking to cope with stress, rebalance your hormones, detoxify, or deal with sleep disturbances, Clair combines nutrition, herbal medicines, and lifestyle advice to facilitate your body’s return to a happy and healthy state.

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