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Clara Bitcon Naturopath & Herbalist

Clara Bitcon

432 Rathdowne st
Carlton North VIC 3054

Servicing area: Carlton North and surrounds

Women’s Wellness Using Nature's Wisdom

Clara Bitcon Naturopath & Herbalist

As modern women it’s very easy for us to be swept up in busy-ness. The day-to-day can pass by at a bustling pace and whilst we’re busy taking care of other people and playing all our different roles we can often neglect ourselves.

Hints of health imbalance may be beginning to show, but if it’s not a medical problem (yet) it can be difficult to know what to do. Deep down you know it’s about taking better care of yourself, but oh goodness, that’s just another thing to add to the ‘to do’ list!

It doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Looking after your health amidst the chaos is not always an easy feat, however it can become a lot easier with the right support, knowledge and guidance.

You might have found yourself in just the right place if:

  • you are experiencing energy, immune, digestive, skin or hormonal imbalances
  • you are wanting to gain a deeper understanding of your body and yourself
  • you love the idea of using herbs, nutrients, wholefoods and lifestyle changes to take care of your health
  • you would like a knowledgeable and sensitive healthcare practitioner who will listen to you deeply, understand the intricacies of your body and provide holistic support.

    I’m here to help...

    My name is Clara Bitcon and I’m a university trained naturopath and herbalist. I love empowering women with the knowledge of how their body’s function and what they can do to move through health discomforts and build vital health.

    I believe that when we understand how to find our own centred place of harmony, life is transformed from struggle to grace.

    How I can help you...

    I offer holistic health consultations that involves:
  • a complete in-depth health assessment
  • therapeutic guidance to work through health problems
  • handcrafted, specific-for-you herbal medicines
  • holistic dietary advice
  • flower essences

    Pop over to my website at www.clarabitcon.com to find out more and say hello.


    “I have found Clara to be an excellent, kind, warm and empowering naturopath. She treated me for severe menopausal symptoms, and using her deep sensitivities she helped me reach a balance, calmness and understanding using various natural medicines and spiritual advice on this third important, often neglected stage in a woman’s growth. I am grateful and indebted to her gentle, empathetic guidance and care.” - F.P, Artist & Mother

    “I feel so blessed to have Clara to turn to when I need a helping hand with my health, whether it be on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. I place utmost trust in her approach, where she weaves the old with the new. Her dedication is witnessed in the time and care she lovingly brings to every one of her hand-made and sustainable tinctures and preparations. I truly believe it is rare to find a practitioner as devoted as Clara is to her craft. She is a true naturopath in every sense of the word; providing gentle healing guidance whilst honouring our planet and its fragile resources.” - K.S. Land Conversationalist and Musician

    “Thanks to Clara I have experienced remarkable improvements in my health. Her holistic approach and extensive knowledge and passion for naturopathy combined with her caring and supportive manner made for a healing experience for which I will always be grateful” - J.B, Osteopath

    Qualification details

    Bachelor of Naturopathy, Southern Cross University
    Member National Herbalists Association of Australia (MNHAA)

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    Clara Bitcon Naturopath & Herbalist