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german tissue salts... improve your health today!

Claudia Veith-Skinner

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It was a German Homoeopath, Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler, who discovered the 11 Tissue Salts.

Traditionally we used to get enough minerals through the water in our springs to keep our minerals in balance. Through changes in farming, environment and several other factors, like consuming processed foods, the minerals in our bodies have slowly been decreasing. Higher and higher demands are put on our nervous and immune system as well as our emotional and hormonal health.

The minerals are not being depleted in the same ratio for each mineral salt. This is why Schuessler says that even though the mineral waters often have the distribution of the salts in a suitable dilute form, the Tissue or Mineral Salts should be administered singularly. This way the depletion of the minerals can be addressed individually.

Tissue salts have to be in a diluted form in order for the body to easily absorb them. Schuessler gave most of the Salts in a dilution of 6x. There are 3 Salts though, which are harder to absorb and they have to be in a dilution of 12x. (Calc Fl, Ferr.Phos, Sil)

The dose should rather be too small than too big. If the dose is too big, there are no results, if too small, the repeated doses will improve.

Tissue salts are not to be swallowed but dissolved in the mouth so they get absorbed in the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat and oesophagus. If we were to swallow them, the stomach acid would change the chemical structure. (e.g. Ferr Phos will turn into Ferr. Chloride)

Why are Tissue Salts so important?

There was a time when we ate whatever nature provided for us and most importantly, we drank the water from the springs. We had access to vegetables and fruits grown in different locations and soils. Throughout the year we ate many different varieties. We also drank from many different springs, providing us with an abundance of minerals.

If, today, we were to eat food, rich in minerals and vitamins and eating it as close to nature as possible, if our environment would be less polluted, we might be able to get all we need. Yet, the farming, harvesting and processing of food takes away many of the important nutrients, compromising not only in taste, but particularly in Vitamins and Minerals.

A similar story happens with water. In order for the minerals in the water to be available to our cells, the water needs to be moving. Once it is not in motion any more the minerals clump together and are thus not absorbable by our cells. The romans understood this phenomenon. They built the aquaducts, where the water was transported via motion. This meant that the minerals did not clump together and could nourish the cells in the bodies. Most of us today drink bottled, rain or tap water, which is dead and once water is dead it stays that way.

Over time we became more and more deficient in nutrients. In the 1800‘s a successful homoeopathic physician became aware that in order to heal people he needed to supply nutrients on a cellular level.

It was Dr. Schuessler who discovered this. Through untiresome work he put together the principles of the Mineral Salts or Tissue Salts. He found that there were 11 different Tissue Salts and each one of them is in every cell. All the Tissue Salts need to be present in each cell. If we have a lack of either one of them the whole organism works less effectively.

Benefits of German tissue salts

No 1, Calcium Fluoratum 12x: Beneficial for elasticity of muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. Good for dry and cracked skin, calluses, corns and varicose veins.

No 2, Calcium Phosphoricum 6x: Beneficial for sleeplessness, bones, muscle cramps, elevated blood pressure, allergies and simple anaemia. Supports the immune system and calms the nervous system.

No 3, Ferrum Phosphoricum 12x: Beneficial for any acute inflammation, fever and sore throat. Oxygenates the blood and prevents aching muscles.

No 4, Kalium Muriaticum 6x: Beneficial for any chronic inflammation, swelling of glands, coughs, allergies and colds with white discharge. Supports the immune system.

No 5, Kalium Phosphoricum 6x: Beneficial as a nerve tonic, after prolonged study, for anxiety, high fever or sluggishness.

No 6, Kalium Sulphuricum 6x: Beneficial for digestive problems with flatulence, bloatedness or exhaustion. Supports the activity of the liver.

No 7, Magnesium Phosphoricum 6x: Beneficial to the nervous system, and all pains which are better for warmth and pressure such as colic or headaches. Supports the activity of the heart, intestines, glands, lymphatic system and hormones.

No 8, Natrium Muriaticum 6x: Beneficial in case of loss of smell and taste, arthritis, insect bites and rheumatism. Useful for rebuilding of joint cartilage. Regulates the fluid and acidity in the body.

No 9, Natrium Phosphoricum 6x: Beneficial in cases of acne and other pus formation, rheumatism and in eliminating uric acid. Regulates the break down of fats and lactic acid.

No 10, Natrium Sulphuricum 6x: Beneficial in balancing bile, eliminating metabolic waste and supporting the liver, kidneys and bladder.

No 11, Silicea 12x: Beneficial for connective tissue, bones, teeth, muscles, bruising and in all infectious ailments with pus. Strengthens the nerves, calms sensitivity to light and noise, tremors and trembling.

What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a therapy based on the principle of like curing like to stimulate a healing response. While the principle was known even by Hippocrates, it was not till the late 1700s that Dr Samuel Hahnemann researched and applied the principle. He had become disenchanted with the practice of medicine, observing that patients often suffered greatly at the hands of doctors.

In initial experiments on himself using quinine, a remedy used to treat malaria, Hahnemann observed that the signs and symptoms that were produced in him, a man in good health, were similar to the symptoms produced by the person with malaria. Hahnemann and his colleagues continued to experiment using other substances and observed that the principle of like cures like always held true. All their results, both observed and experienced, were meticulously documented. These ‘provings’ can be done with any substance in nature and are documented in volumes of materia medica.

With further research Hahnemann found that by diluting these substances by hundreds, thousands, even millions, and by shaking them robustly (succussing), they became very potent, and safe - the substance of the remedy was gone but the vital information it carried remained. Consequently some of the best homoeopathic remedies are poisons, eg mercury and arsenic, with proven powerful healing energies.

Homoeopathy treats the person in totality, not the disease. A well chosen remedy will restore inner balance thereby enabling the patient to heal on all levels and participate in life with ease and joy. It is used safely on babies and animals, and as an acute and epidemic therapy.

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