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Having trouble with low breastmilk supply? Help is at hand. Well, at foot, actually. Is your baby able to latch on properly but there just doesn’t seem to be enough milk? I can help. I’m the only person in Melbourne offering this service.

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Breastfeeding Boost


Moshe Kruchik, the world’s Maternity Reflexologist, has created a SIMPLE reflexology routine that is incredibly effective in enhancing low breastmilk supply. It is highly effective in helping to improve the supply of milk following the birth of your child.

What is included?

I conduct the session whilst your baby is latched on and feeding. If you are experiencing difficulties latching on, then I recommend that you work with your Lactation Consultant first. You need to be as comfortable as possible when I visit your home when your baby is due for a feed and we set up around where you normally feed your baby. As your baby feeds, I work various hormone and breast Reflex points on your feet that stimulate your milk supply. The treatment commonly spans for as long as the feeding session lasts for.

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