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Clinical Hypnotherapist

Wouldn't you like to know the secret to building your child’s Self Esteem and Wellbeing?

Self-Esteem Parenting

Like a large number of parents out there you are probably juggling your responsibilities, looking to achieve that ‘work-life’ balance that we are told to strive for.  You probably don’t get a whole lot of ‘me time’ as a parent, you are ‘doing the very best that you can’, but sometimes you may ask yourself if you are ‘getting it right’. The prevalence of what we hear about children in trouble with the law, at school, bullying, depression and violence can be tough to deal, and we cannot wrap our children up in a bubble and protect them from the world. Thus, we focus on not about doing enough, but doing what matters.

So what does really matter?

The focus is often on raising children correctly through academic development, schooling, getting good grades, university and then ultimately a career. But this often neglects emotional health and development. Emotional development is not something that will take care of itself and it’s a key aspect that plays a large part in our lives.

The secret that I have uncovered is how children develop healthy emotional foundations of Self-worth and subconscious self-beliefs that will stand them in good stead throughout their lifetime. The secret I have uncovered is the emotional developmental requirements of children to build a healthy sense of Self-Esteem and Wellbeing. The secret I am revealing is positive parenting styles that will achieve this… this is what I refer to as Essential Principles of Parenting.

For more information about Self-Esteem Parenting & how you can be a better parent for your children, click here.

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