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Quantum Neurology(TM) Neurological Rehabilitation, Back, and Low Back pain, Headaches. Sporting Injuries, Well-being, Wellness

Coast Chiropractic Caloundra

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CALOUNDRA, Queensland

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Rehabilitation Fitness Nervous system Stroke

About Us

Ken Koos
Doctor of Chiropractic. USA.

What I Do Using Quantum Neurology•® Neurological Rehabilitation

With Quantum Neurology® rehabilitation I will systematically evaluate your nervous system and correct any weaknesses in a step-by-step fashion. In Quantum Neurology® the systematic evaluation and corrections have been carefully sequenced to maximise your ability, to quickly find the Neuro-expression® Patters of an injury, illness or condition, and effectively correct the cause of the weaknesses in the body that would not be found by any other means. Quantum Neurology® rehabilitation also increases the probability of success because collected weaknesses in the entire nervous system, aka, the Neuro-Expression®, are sequentially strengthened and corrected.

What is Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation?

Quantum Neurology is the brilliant, patented protocol originated by a Los Angeles physician Dr. George Gonzalez, D.C., to treat his wife, who had suffered a moderate spinal cord injury.
Quantum Neurology is a patented system of Neurological Rehabilitation.  The techniques can be done on anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.  Quantum Neurology is used to improve neurological function.  It focuses on allowing nerves that may be associated with injuries or other conditions to reset or repair so that the body can heal itself.

This technique is used by elite athletes to help maximise their performance and restore diminished function after an injury.  Patients have also reported recovering function associated with accidents, strokes and other Central Nervous System injuries.  Anyone can benefit from this form of rehabilitation because it focuses on strengthening the Nervous System.

Traditional Neurology considers that a patient will receive maximum improvement within 6 months after any injury.  In Quantum Neurology, recovery may be achieved in patients who's injuries are 10, 20 and 30 or more years prior to their rehabilitation.  However, each person's injury, illness and condition is unique.  These methods are safe and non invasive.  The patient should know within a few visits if they are responding to their rehabilitation.  

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation helps the doctor evaluate, correct and re-evaluate every major nerve in the patients' body.  This is accomplished with a specific series of upper and lower body muscle strength tests designed to evaluate the spinal cord.  If a weakness is found, the doctor works with the patient to stabilise these specific areas.  The patient can immediately feel increased strength and range of motion!  In fact, it is common that a person will feel substantial results in only a few weeks.

Our Services

Available services at Coast Chiropractic Caloundra
Initial Consultation – $85 (Adult), $70 (Child)
  • Your first visit will take approximately 30 minutes. Our friendly office staff will welcome you and ask you to fill out a few forms which will provide an indication of your current health status and medical history.
  • One of our qualified Chiropractors will then discuss your situation and complete a full Chiropractic examination with you and refer for X-Rays if required.
  • The Chiropractor will then provide a full report of your findings and recommend appropriate treatment if required.

Regular Chiropractic Adjustment – $43
  • Regular adjustments take just 15 minutes and your Chiropractor will utilise the best treatment technique for you.

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