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This is one of Colleen Kents particular areas of interest.

Pregnancy & Newborns

Servicing area

Bondi Junction

Focus areas

Shoulder pain Elderly Restoring balance Seniors Posture Labour

Pregnancy should be an exciting time, full of expectation. Whilst some areas of pregnancy can't be easily eased, e.g. morning sickness or frequent bathroom calls, musculoskeletal complaints during pregnancy can be treated.

Lower Back and Sacroiliac Pain is just one of the many areas that can produce strain when the body tries to adapt to the changing shape and weight. Rib and pelvic pain are frequently experienced and osteopathy may help.

Sometimes the body can't adapt to hold during the final months of pregnancy and an extra pelvic support may be needed in the form of a Belt. Colleen Kent has trained with well- known Sydney Physiotherapist Francine St George to assess whether a belt is needed or what belt might suit.

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So why not do something about the presentations that can be worked on and visit Colleen Kent for some Osteopathic care. As a Mother of two herself, she can relate to what you are going through.

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