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Member since 2016

Sound and Reiki healing with Colleen

Servicing area: Scarborough, Perth

Trauma Group meditation Reiki ...
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Sound and Reiki healing with Colleen

I offer the following natural Healing modalities in a dedicated and safe room:


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. A natural healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body. It works on all levels of the patient~ Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 


Include faster healing for injuries and after operations, pain relief, feeling more energised, reducing anxiety and stress, physical and emotional detoxing, a feeling of lightness and motivation, better sleep, a sense of peacefulness and well-being. Reiki can be used alongside orthodox healthcare and natural remedies, promoting a faster recovery process. Reiki also helps you cope with grief, stress and trauma.

REIKI WORKSHOPS I run Reiki 1 and 2 workshops and offer these clients time and space to do Reiki practive on each other every fortnight. 


I use crystals in healing and these will amplify the energy. I have a large range of crystals I use and use them everyday - both personally and with clients


Reiki is energy and energy can be applied through space and time, which is what distant healing is. I use a crystal grid along with my guides to do distant healings and you, the client, receives a full detailed report after.


Every week I run small group work for people to relax with a guided Meditation and receive Reiki healing.

The sessions last an hour and only cost $15.00.

SOUND HEALING - I have achieved my Black Belt in Sound and Vibration Shodan in 2018 and have just completed Nidan - second Dan. I work with a 30 inch Earth gong, 32 inch Mercury gong  and symphonic gong, 7 crystal bowls and 7 chimes in my group work. These sessions deliver sound and vibration to help balance our bodies. Whether it be trauma, stress, poor sleeping, physical pain/injury, or just some "me" time you will feel deep peace and relaxation. Sound healing is incredibly powerful and it is held in a dedicated healing room where the healing takes place and adds to your overall well being.
I offer sessions are for small groups of people upto 6 and also available for private groups.

LUNAR SESSIONS - full and new moon outdoor sessions November to April each year.

I offer the following services:

    • Small Group Meditation with essential oils and Reiki healing
    • Sound healing
    • Chakra balancing group sessions

Qualification details

Reiki Master/teacher qualified. Black belt in Sound and Vibration therapy - Shodan and Nidan.

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Sound and Reiki healing with Colleen