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The Sydney Colon Health Clinic

Bianca James

50 Nicholson St
St Leonards NSW 2065

Servicing area: St Leonard's, Sydney & North Shore NSW

The Sydney Colon Health Clinic

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Colon Therapist & Colonic Lavage Clinic

Your Wellbeing Starts With a Healthy Colon

Registered nurse Bianca James opened The Sydney Colon Health Clinic in August 1991 to address St Leonards NSW’s growing demand for professional service in natural colon health and colonic lavage therapy. 

Our professionalism and commitment to high standards and excellence has made our clinic unique and a leader in our field of expertise. 

We have administered over 100,000 treatments to some 10,000 clients since 1991.

Our experienced and caring colon therapists are registered female nurses. They have undergone extensive training and been certified by our clinic in the area of natural colon health and colonic lavage therapy.  

In 1999, James established The Australian College of Colon Therapy to educate, train and certify registered nurses who specialise in colon health.

The school offers a diploma course for registered nurses, a certificate course for holistic practitioners and a study course for the general public to increase their knowledge base.

Students who graduate from the diploma course will be certified as colon therapists. Rest assured the knowledge gained from these courses can serve as a beneficial adjunct to any other modality.

In May of the same year, The Australian Association of Colon Therapists was formed to provide ongoing training, lectures and technical expertise to its members.

Main Features of Our Clinic

  • Treatment units are custom designed with cutting-edge technology and built to exacting standards in Australia
  • 4 ultra-modern treatment rooms with private facilities
  • Wheelchair access, lifting equipment, special parking and trained staff for patients with special needs
  • Infection control policies and quality assurance policies and procedures are strictly adhered to and maintained at the highest possible level for all clients, visitors and staff
  • All tubing is sterile, prepacked, disposable and TGA approved
  • Rectal Tubes are pencil thin and also sterile, prepacked, single use and TGA approved
  • Ultra purified water is at body temperature and gently introduced into the bowel (non pressurised).
  • Waste is disposed of in accordance with strict contaminated waste regulations

Our Mission and Vision

“To Empower You to Significantly increase your Health Knowledge Bank in order for you to gain Ultimate Control and take complete Responsibility.

To achieve worthwhile and lasting Optimum Health through Understanding and Living Life to the Fullest with perfect harmony of the Mind, Body and Spirit. To this end, we desire to be a valued resource in your quest of Continuous Never Ending Improvement and Lifelong Learning.”

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Qualification Details

Bianca James: 
  • Registered Nurse NMW0001166363
  • Dip Nutritional Science
  • Dip Colon Health
  • Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy
Member of:
  • AHPRA (The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)
  • ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)
  • AIMA (Auistralian Intrative Medicine Association)
  • ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine)
Founder and Clinical Director of:
  • The Natural Health Clinic P/L ABN: 16071867048
  • The Sydney Colon Health Clinic
  • The Australian College of Colon Therapy
  • The Australian Association of Colon Therapists
Doris Houston:
  • Registered Nurse NMW0001274084
  • Bachelor Health Sciences (Rehab)

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