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Complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ineke Lam

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Chinese Medicine Theory believes that when certain points are triggered with acupuncture, it encourages the body to function more efficiently overtime.

Complementary and Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture

What is Acupuncture?

Fine needles are inserted into particular locations (acu points) to assist with or regulate the circulation, energy production and repair of your body functions.

Practitioners use single use sterile disposable needles that are approximately 20-25mm thick.

Before an acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture can have an effect on your blood sugar levels. It is advised that you have something small in your stomach before a session, however having a full stomach is not recommended.

It is not good to have acupuncture if you:

  • Are feeling too anxious about the treatment

  • Are feeling over emotional or stimulated

  • Are in a hurry to leave for another appointment

It is recommended that you wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes to the session.

During an Acupuncture session

You may feel a combination of sensations these include pressure, warmth, dull ache, tingling, throbbing. You should not feel a sharp pain, in the case that you do please inform the practitioner and they will adjust or remove the needle
Once all the needles are inserted into the body they will remain there for 15-20 minutes

After the acupuncture consultation

Everyone is unique and therefore everyone’s acupuncture experience is different, here are some feelings that clients have felt:

  • Relaxed or a little ‘dazed’

  • Tired

  • Relief or an improvement from their condition

  • A rise in pain initially but then on the following day or two a decrease in pain

  • No change at all

Most people have a good night’s sleep on the day of their treatment.
It is recommended after a treatment to avoid vigorous exercise or exposure to the cold.


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Ineke Lam TCM @ Darling Corner

Our main focus is to support the individual back to their optimum level of health.

FAQs & What to Expect from a treatment

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture focuses supporting the individual back to health, by encouraging the body to help itself.

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