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"The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well"

- Hippocrates

Complete Body Harmony


Created by Tom Bowen in Geelong, Victoria, The Bowen technique works with the body's own unique healing abilities to repair injuries and illness.


Bowen Therapy
Gentle and Powerful

Bowen is a hands on therapy that works with the muscles and connective tissue to aide in the relief of many injuries and health problems, both acute and chronic. The practitioner delivers precise moves to the body to stimulate the nervous system and initiate the bodies own unique healing abilities. Bowen is a gentle technique which makes it appropriate for all ages and degrees of health.

Biochemic Medicine
Mineral Therapy

Minerals are essential for life. They are responsible for every reaction within the body. A deficiency of any mineral within the cell can lead to a huge variety of health issues. If your cells cannot function then your body can not repair and build in the way it was designed. A Biochemic Medicine Practitioner is trained to find the signs and symptoms of deficiency in order to correct and repair your body.

Aroma Touch Massage
Essential Oil Technique

Aroma Touch is a hands on therapy that works across your back and hands or feet using essential oils as a way to improve body functions. People who have experienced this technique have reported stress reduction, greater lymphatic flow, improvement to the immune system and pain relief.

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Complete Body Harmony