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Conception Health - Yoga, Naturopath, Doula

Kathy Grace

Office 1
93 Mulga Rd
Oatley NSW 2223

Servicing area: St George Area, Sydney, New South Wales

Conception Health - Yoga, Naturopath, Doula
Kathy at Conception Health has been supporting your Fertility and Conception journey naturally with Yoga and Naturopathic coaching since 2009.

About Conception Health - Yoga, Naturopath, Doula

Conception Health - supporting your conception journey naturally

Established in 2009, Conception Health works with women and couples from preconception care, natural fertility/infertility support, through pregnancy and birth preparation and then postnatal care.

We use Naturopathic principles combined with thousands of years of Yoga knowledge and philosophy to support you. We examine your diet and lifestyle, ensuring you are the healthiest you can be to conceive and carry a healthy baby to full term. We also ensure that after birth, you heal and repair well and are able to give all the love your new baby deserves!

We only work with a small numbers of clients at any time, offering private consultations and coaching sessions that will provide you with the best of care and support along the way.

Conception Health is located in the St George Area of Oatley, we also offer
  • Kids Yoga
  • Family Yoga
  • Fertility and Pre-Natal workshops
  • Fertility Yoga
  • Prenatal (Pregnancy) Yoga
  • Postnatal (Mums and Bubs) Yoga
  • Adult Yoga
We are located at Office 1/93 Mulga Road Oatley West, Sydney. Phone (02) 9585 2244

If you'd like to hear more about Conception Health's range of classes, workshops and Women's Health Programs, call, visit our website or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

Qualification Details

  • Yoga Teacher, Naturopath Specialising in Fertility and Pregnancy, Doula