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Aparigraha Brady

45 Woodhill Ave
Coorparoo QLD 4151


Aparigraha is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher who has spent the last 23 years teaching privately and within schools and colleges.

Alexander Technique Brisbane

The Alexander Technique can bring about radical postural change which in turn reduces pain, increases vitality and can make you look and feel slimmer and younger.

The Alexander Technique originated in Australia but is more widely known in the United States and England where FM Alexander spent most of his life. He developed the technique in order to alleviate his own physical problems and was so successful that his doctor urged him to teach the technique to others.

With Alexander lessons you learn to change your habits of standing and moving in order to bring back balance and poise. With poise comes freedom and ease.

Most pain is caused from incorrect use of the body which causes strain or injury and if this is addressed then the effects that have been felt, sometimes for years, can be reversed. Try it the alleviate joint pain, symptoms of whiplash, migraines and headaches and back and neck pain.

Have you had a Shiatsu/Alexander massage? No? Then you haven't experienced the most relaxing and energising massage ever. Not sure how you can get both? Well, you have to try to understand.

Appointments available 4.30pm - 7.30pm Mon- Fri and 9am - 4pm Sat

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Diploma of Alexander Technique DAT

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