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Connect Counselling offers a safe space where you can talk through your worries without concern, using a variety of modalities suited to your needs.

Online Counsellor | Behaviour Change Facilitator | Domestic and Family Violence Specialist

Servicing area

Gold Coast | Logan | Brisbane | Any area due to our unique phone and online counselling services

Focus areas

Fears Mental health & wellbeing Family counselling Abuse counselling Solutions focused counselling Personal counselling



Hi my name is Nicole and I am a professionally trained Counsellor registered with Australian Counselling Association with almost 20 years’ experience in the education and Community service sector.  I provide a safe space to discuss your worries and concerns. It wasn’t that long ago where therapy was not talked about lucky the times have changed and more people are reaching out to get help and support.


I am passionate about strengthening people’s links to their family and the wider community. The practice offers individual counselling, online counselling, family counselling and group counselling.

I specialises in Behaviour Change programs for men, Domestic and Family Violence and use a combination of modalities which assist clients achieve their counselling goals. I am here to support you through difficult times as I see that you are the expert in your life. 


This is a common questioned asked, and These days our lives are so busy managing, Work, Children, Finances, Social life, Parenting and Day to Day Living. No wonder people can become overwhelmed with the day to days tasks, I’m here to help support you with what you need.

Please see below some reasons on why you might want to attend therapy

DEPRESSION: We all have times where we feel sad, but depression affects your daily life, making it tough for you to find enjoyment in day-to-day events. Depression is a mood disorder that can take many forms: some days you may find it difficult to get out of bed, while other days you may feel more able to go about your regular daily tasks.

ANXIETY: Anxiety is used to describe feelings of concern, fear and restlessness. Naturally, it includes both the emotional and physical feelings we experience when worried or nervous. While stress is something that will come and go, anxiety can affect a person even if the cause is uncertain.

ANGER MANGEMENT: Often, anger problems are due to poor regulation of our emotions. Anger, like all emotions, involves physiological changes in the body - affecting heart rate and adrenaline levels. There is a fine line between acknowledging anger, and venting until it's out of control.

DOMESTIC AND FAMILY VIOLENCE: Domestic and family violence is not always physical abuse. Domestic and Family Violence is a pattern of behaviour’s it’s not an isolated incident. There are many forms of abuse used to gain control over a partner.

CHILD COUNSELLING: Being a parent or carer can feel overwhelming at times. All you want is for your child to thrive and be happy, Sometimes, children benefit from talking to a professional, someone who has the training to help with their particular worry and someone who is unbiased.

ADDICTION: Addiction refers to a difficulty in controlling certain repetitive behaviours to the extent that they have harmful consequences.

RELATIONSHIP CONCERNS: Whether you’re having difficulties in your relationship or you’d like to understand each other better, speaking to a counsellor can really make a difference.

SEX ISSUES: Sex problems are common and can occur for any number of different reasons. In most cases, sexual problems can be linked to other challenges or difficulties you are facing within your life.


I offer flexible confidential counselling, aappointments can be outreach where I can come to you or we can have sessions via phone or online, including after hours and weekend appointments.







  • Registered Counsellor (Australian Counselling Association)
  • Behaviour Change Facilitator (Men's Perpetrator Programs)
  • Respectful Relationships Trainer
  • Bachelor In Counselling (Australian College of Applied Professions)
  • Advanced Diploma In Community Sector Management (Australian College of Applied Professions)
  • Diploma of Community Services In Case Management (Australian College of Applied Professions)
  • Diploma In Children's Services (TAFE, Gold Coast)
  • Certificate III In Children's Services (TAFE, Bankstown)

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