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Misha Frankel

Connecting Energies

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Reflexology, Energetic Healing, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Pregnancy and Facial Reflexology, Meditation

Connecting Energies

Servicing area

Castle Hill,Westleigh, New South Wales

Focus areas

Nervous system Headaches Facial Self-help Love Physical health

Reflexology clinics now available as follows:
4 Billarga Road Westleigh 2120
Unit 43, 5 Anella Ave Castle Hill 2154


Misha was born in South Africa and moved to Sydney in 1967. She worked in a variety of professional organzsations as Secretary, Personal Assistant, Administrator and Business Manager before moving into the Complimentary Medicine Health Profession.

She started looking for answers to some of life's major questions in the 1990's. An Energetic Healing course in 1994 and studies on the Tree of Life the following year opened the door to a new way of feeling and viewing life. She has been on her spiritual journey ever since. Understanding comes from conscious reality so she is always open to expand her awareness and share her knowledge.


Misha qualified in Reflexology in 2003. Further studies in Facial Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Auriculatherapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy and other related modalities are on-going.

Reflexology is a relaxing, yet powerful and therapeutic process which has been effective in treating a variety of illnesses, injuries and tension related problems. It is based on the principle that specific areas on the feet, hands, ears and face relate to the internal organs and reflect a map of the body. By applying firm but gentle pressure on these areas the corresponding organs in the body are either stimulated or calmed.

If part of the body is too tender to touch through surgery, injury or if the skin is broken and other forms of bodywork cannot be used, reflexology is ideal as it provides access to all parts of the body through the feet, hands, ears or face.

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing has the potential to release blocked energy channels, energize the body and take the healing process to a deeper level. It is very effective in relieving pain.

It is always important to look at the human body in its totality, that which is seen and felt as well as that which is not seen but sensed. Emotional or mental blocks impact on the physical body and cause discomfort and possible disease so it is important to acknowledge and release this inner tension. Doing this in a non-confrontational environment, provides support and calms the nervous system.

Benefits of combined Therapies

Reflexology and Energy combine to form the process called Connecting Energy Reflex Therapy. This method has produced incredibly effective results that supports the physical body, clears blocked energies and opens the way to enhanced benefits.

Reflexology, Energetic Healing and an expanded awareness of the mind, body, soul connection provides a wholistic approach.

Through the process of relaxing physically, releasing tension and renewing vitality, change happens. Signals are sent through specific points on the body and the response is an internal shift that enhances healing.

Working with Cancer patients during all stages of their treatment and recovery has been very rewarding. Quality of life is so important and managing pain, reducing fluid retention and balancing the Hormonal System ensures a speedy return to normal life.


      Relieves pain from:

  • Tension and stress, headaches, asthma and sinusitis

  • Back, neck, shoulder, arm or leg injuries

  • Backache and fluid retention during pregnancy

  • Post-surgery procedure


  • Digestion, elimination or respiratory problems

  • Circulation and lymph drainage

  • Flexibility and post operative recovery

What to Expect from your Session

  • Hand, Feet, Ear or Facial Reflexology

  • Endocrine Balance and Lymph Drainage

  • Cranio Sacral Therapy

  • Energy and Chakra Balance

  • Maternity Reflexology if applicable


  • Half Hour $60.00

  • 1 1/2 Hours $120.00

  • 2 Hours $130.00

  • Book 4 sessions and get the fifth one free

  • Extra for mobile service $10.00

Clinic Locations

  • 5 Anella Ave Castle Hill 2154

  • 4 Billarga Road Westleigh 2120

Days and times available:
Castle Hill clinic : Mon and Tues 9am to 6pm
Westleigh clinic : Wed and Thurs 9am to 8pm
Mobile service also available
After hours or other times by arrangement

I came to Misha for reflexology 2 years ago after suffering a lot of back and neck pain and digestive issues. Not knowing what to expect I was delighted with the results which gave me substantial relief after the first session. I had seen osteopaths, physios and doctors for these issues for years with only short term relief. As Misha's blend of reflexology and energy treats the whole body, I found treatments not only relaxing and enjoyable but much more successful in the long term. I now come to Misha for "tune ups" every 4-8 weeks and am constantly delighted with the results. Misha is a caring, skilled and thorough practitioner who loves what she does. The helpful advice and take-home self-help tips she gives have helped me in a range of aspects of my life. Thanks Misha, your treatments are a highlight in my month! (A.K. Thornleigh)

For an appointment

Contact Misha on

0417 443 701

Re-discover the hidden potential within you.

Meditation is a process to stop the activity of the mind and become consciously aware of higher levels of reality beyond the mind and encourages general well being and heightened awareness.

Meditation and Spiritual Books
A selection of books and articles on spirituality are available from the following website. http://www.thefhl.org

For further information please contact:

Misha Frankel
Mobile: 0417 443 701
Email: frankelmisha@gmail.com

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