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Connection Counselling Australia

Rowan Bradley

Marcoola QLD 4564

Connection Counselling Australia

Growth and transition can be uncomfortable and very painful, allow Rowan to help you with targeted Counselling.

Connection Counselling Australia - Counselling



Individual Counselling

Individual counselling sessions are designed for anyone who is looking to deal with trauma, grief, negative belief systems, or abuse. Rowan utilises a holistic approach and uses many different ways of thinking – from traditional psychotherapeutic systems of talk therapy to intuitive energy work, to facilitate integration on all levels of body, mind, and self.

The goal of each session is to guide you from a feeling of internal separateness to a wholeness and union/connection within. Rowan ensures that you feel safe, understood, and supported in every session.

Sessions will…

    • Highlight and deal with the effects of trauma


    • Assist you to regain freedom


    • Improve self-awareness


    • Connect with your unique sense of empowerment


    • Highlight behaviours that cause stress, anxiety, and poor self-confidence


    • Discover new ways to formulate solutions


    • Learn new neural pathways through breathing and mindfulness


Couples Counselling

The focus of a couples counselling session is for the couple to reignite connection. These sessions are applicable for couples in a variety of situations – from those looking to experience a deeper, loving connection; to those who are considering separation or divorce.

Rowan’s approach to couples therapy draws on a lifetime of learning and study – from traditional psychotherapeutic systems of talk therapy and the gestalt approach to relational therapy; to intuitive energy work and tantra. Primarily, we work with the intention to “cross the bridge” and understand each other’s world, so that there is the capacity to resonate and affirm the other’s experience, through difficulty relating to it.

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