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Connection Counselling Australia

Rowan Bradley

Marcoola QLD 4564

Servicing area: Marcoola & Noosa Heads QLD

Connection Counselling Australia

Letting go of negative energy allows you to embrace the positive changes in your life.

Energetic Balancing & Energy Cleansing

Heal Your Energy Field to Achieve Optimal Health

Connection Counselling Australia offers energetic balancing in Marcoola QLD, which restores and realaigns the biofield to improve health and wellbeing.

The biofield is the energy field of the body. Various factors contribute to its wear and tear, including a toxic environment, an emotional trauma, unhealthy thought patterns and other negative blocks. All these obstruct the flow of energy and lead to serious health conditions. 

The energy field contains all your memories, experiences and disagreeing thought patterns. Cleansing it clears out emotional and mental stress, physical pain, trauma and false ideas about yourself. This triggers your body and mind’s innate ability to heal on its own.

Benefits of Energetic Balancing
  • Repairs and balances the biofield
  • Increases your positive vibrations
  • Allows the body and mind to function at optimal levels
  • Works best with psychotherapy    

Book an appointment to have your energy field thoroughly cleansed.

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