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Experience a greater sense of empowerment when you connect your stressors to sensations and become more aware of underlying issues. Through awareness & empowerment, you can unblock energies that are holding you back & begin your healing process. Please contact Kylie online to schedule a consultation.

Kinesiologist & Energy Healer for Physical & Mental Issues

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Kylie is passionate about helping clients live healthy and happy lives by promoting inner connection and outward expression.

She spent 25 years in the financial industry, constantly exposed to the pressures and stresses of a fast-paced trading environment.

Using kinesiology, Kylie has overcome many long-term patterns in her life, inspiring her to help others achieve similar results.

The goal of Connect Kinesiology is to assist clients in leading healthier, happier lives by connecting with their bodies, gaining self-awareness, releasing stored stress, and letting go of patterns that are no longer useful.

Services Offered


Using muscle monitoring, kinesiology is a complementary therapy that identifies and addresses stress and disharmony in the body that obstruct natural healing.  

A variety of non-invasive methods can be utilised including counselling, acupressure, chakra balancing, and essential oils and flower essences. 

Through kinesiology, you can attain health and wellness on all levels, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

A common reason clients seek Kinesiology is to clear old patterns, get unstuck from issues, relieve pain, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and build confidence.


Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing technique for promoting mental, physical, and spiritual well-being

In a session, hands are placed on or over specific organs and energy centres on the body. You remain fully clothed throughout the session. 

You will feel more relaxed and calm at the end of the session.

Clients seek Reiki treatment primarily to reduce their feelings of anxiety, stress, and pain.

Whole Body Massage

This relaxing massage will help release tension and reduce stress held within. 

This may be combined with Reiki and kinesiology.



  • Initial session, 90 minutes - $145
  • Standard session, 75 minutes - $ 120


  • 90 minutes - $120
  • 60 minutes - $80


  • 90 minutes - $120
  • 60 minutes - $80

Combined Massage, Reiki and Kinesiology

  • 90 minutes - $130

Bookings by appointment only.

Find out what Kylie can do to help you by booking your treatment with her or by contacting her online.


  • Diploma Of Kinesiology
  • Diploma Of Mind Body Medicine
  • Certificate In Whole Body Massage (relaxation)
  • Reiki I & Ii Practitioner
  • Yoga 200hr & Yin Yoga 50hr

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