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Conscious Courses and Therapies

Cape Woolamai VIC 3925

Servicing area: Servicing Bass Coast and Phillip Island

Conscious Courses and Therapies

I teach Reiki courses, Meditation and Psychic development classes in the Bass Coast and Phillip Island area. I also do one-on-one sessions for Reiki treatments, Bowen Therapy body alignment, Angel Intuitive card readings and Mediumship readings.

About Conscious Courses and Therapies

Welcome to my page: 

Are you a woman in the prime of your life?

Are you feeling exhausted, uninspired or unbalanced?

Are you worried that you’re always serving others and never yourself?

I work with women like you to feel more energetic, inspired and balanced, so you can honour and fully accept yourself.

In my courses, therapies and books, my focus is on offering simple and practical skills to improve your self-care using Reiki Energy Healing, Psychology and Meditation.

If you’re a fun, open-minded person who is willing to try new things, prepared to take action and learn how to heal yourself … that’s perfect! … because when I teach my Reiki courses and conduct treatments, I only work with people I know that I can help.

About Me: 

At this point I could list all my credentials and qualifications… But I know what you really want to know is … ‘How can I help YOU improve your life?’ - I get it …

I grew up in a small town, so I desperately wanted to see the rest of the world. I started travelling overseas at 23 years old and didn’t stop. It opened my eyes. I had never seen poverty and wealth in their extremes before. It helped me learn to be humble. I loved the freedom and the possibilities that travel offered. Working on cruise ships for six years was one of the highlights. From these experiences I discovered how to get more out of life, so I can teach you.  

My books and classes show you how to accept yourself and be open to all opportunities that come to you. I’ll teach you how to recognise that limits are only put on you by yourself. And to trust your intuition - it never fails!

If there’s one thing that I understand, it’s people. Over the years I’ve tried my hand at over 30 different jobs. I’ve had a lifetime of customer experience in the sales, travel, cruise ships, radio and retail industries; experimented with teaching large and small groups in the cruise entertainment industry; and I have mastered the art of organisation in many administrative and management roles - so I’m ready and willing to help you with your unique goals and issues. 

My approach is to offer you classes and treatments that are nurturing, valuable, fun and easy. You will gain value from my trials and successes - all the techniques have been tried by me.  Nothing is hidden. Transparency and integrity are very important me.  

I’m the eldest child in a family of 5 children, so I know how to be responsible, take care of small humans and be creative to get time alone. I can teach you how to do this too - the self-care bit, not the looking after small humans - that was a big-sister deal only. Anyway, what I am saying is I am someone you can rely on. 

I understand that stuff happens in your life, so there is flexibility in my schedules and I’ll treat you as I like to be treated, with respect and integrity, always.  I’ve helped literally thousands of people to relax, de-stress and find peace. 

All of my focus is on offering simple skills to improve your self-care and expand your connection to your soul.  I only work with clients that I know I can help. So if you’re a fun, open-minded person who is willing to try new things, prepared to take action to learn how to heal yourself, that’s perfect!

Because I like to think outside the square, I read about and listen to inspiring, successful teachers who give me great tips and skills that I can pass on to you, this saves you having to do the work. 

If I had to choose a favourite relaxation treatment it would be Reiki Energy Healing. I was introduced to it by a friend, after a belly button piercing incident. It healed my physical wound and it made me feel emotionally calm, reassured and peaceful. Now I teach Reiki, so that everyone can have that peace and calm literally at their fingertips any time they need it. (*grin*... see what I did there?)

My favourite thing to do is laugh … and they say that laughter is the best medicine … I like to give valuable wisdom to you with a sprinkling of lightheartedness.  As it turns out … while doing the Advanced Angel Intuitive course with Doreen Virtue, I discovered that my ‘Earth Angel Tribe’ is the Leprechauns. This made perfect sense to me … they are half wise one / half pixie. Half fun / half serious. Of course! So, I assure you that you will not be bored with this Leprechaun teacher!

My forthcoming book "Finding my Soul at Sea" is due to launch in 2019). It's a story about a spiritual journey in a very non-spiritual space ... working on cruise ships. 

Also, I have an eBook called “Five Minutes - a guide to learning to meditate" and a CD (or downloadable MP3 tracks) called "Five Minute Meditations".

Qualification Details

Reiki Master Coach and Practitioner
Advanced Angel Intuitive
Bowen Therapist (ISBT)
Meditation and Psychic Development Teacher
Author and Speaker
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology)

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