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Coogee Remedial Therapies

Servicing area: Coogee, Randwick, Maroubra, New South Wales

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Deep Tissue Massage - Reflexology - Remedial Massage - Shiatsu - Sports Massage - Swedish Massage. Just Call Connie to Discuss the Best Massage For Your Needs.

Coogee Remedial Therapies - Remedial Massage

Coogee Remedial Therapies clinic/therapy room is situated in South Coogee, in a lovely bright sunny space surrounded by trees and bird sounds, a quiet, pleasant and peaceful setting that is conductive to relaxation and ‘timeout’ from your busy life.

Although Connie treats people of all ages both male and female, for a range of problems, she specialises in treating menopausal symptoms in women.

Body massages are very thorough and can include both deep and subtle work. Connie uses essential oils and includes Reflexology for feet and hands. She employs the techniques of Polarity Therapy to get the energy stimulated and flowing.

Is a Therapeutic Massage Right For You?

If your body is tired, aching, stiff, tight or sore from:
  1. Bad posture, too little or inappropriate exercise
  2. Strenuous training in the gym or outdoors, competitive sport
  3. Stress or emotional/mental tension at home, work, play or study
  4. Depression and/or lack of energy or motivation.
  5. Exhaustion from work or just overwhelmed by the pressures of life
Then a professional therapeutic massage from Connie at Coogee Remedial Therapies is just what your body needs. Connie can even give you a treatment in your own home using her portable massage table.

  • Increased feeling of energy and vitality
  • Freedom of movement from the release of stiffness in the body
  • Relief from mental and emotional stress, increased relaxation
  • More restful sleep
  • A sense of better health and wellbeing
  • More empowerment to create positive changes and take charge of life

About Your Therapy Session

Each therapy session is uniquely suited to the specific needs of the individual, as Connie draws on over 25 years of remedial body work experience to obtain optimal results. The aim of the treatment(s) is to deal with the underlying or causative factors to eliminate the source of pain.

Sessions are about one and a half hours and cost $95. Payments can be made electronically, or by cheque/cash and an official receipt is given for health fund rebates.

No parking problems, just put car outside the door, also convenient to bus routes, or only 10 minutes walk from Coogee Beach.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a text, call or email.

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About Me

Coogee Remedial Therapies is based in the heart of the Eastern Suburbs and offers you massage and yoga to help you enhance your day to day life, by experiencing an inner sense of wellbeing and wholeness as you ease the tension and stress from your life.

Coogee Remedial Therapies - Yoga Classes

Get Your Mind and Body in Perfect Harmony, With a Professional Yoga Class With Connie in 3 Different Locations!


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