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Coolangatta Yoga Centre

Robyn Hansen

124 Marine pde
Coolangatta QLD 4225

Servicing area: Servicing Coolangatta, Kirra, Bilinga, South Tweed

Bringing more well being and peacefulness into your life...


CYC, home of Yoga, Meditation and Kirtan. Part of the largest yoga, meditation, kirtan community on the Gold Coast.  Offering a wonderful balance of classes and programs to help you achieve optimal physical, mental and spiritual well being. Get stronger in mind & body, more flexible, more energized, balanced, healthier, calmer in the mind, happier and more peaceful. Come and relax, get fit and healthy, make friends and immerse in the sacred sounds of kirtan. Our programs can benefit everyone.  

Experience our Classes & Programs

Yoga Asana Classes

$14 a class, 5 classes for $60, 10 classes fo $110

At CYC we offer a variety of yoga classes....

Easy Yoga - an easier yoga class, great for beginners and those who prefer just an easier class

Yin Yoga - with all levels

Hatha yoga - with all levels

Slow Flow - with all levels

Hatha Flow - with all levels

Yang Flow - for experienced yogis

Choose the class that is best for you. if you are new to yoga start with an easy yoga class starting with an easier practice


go to any of any of our all levels yoga classes and stay at the otpion that is best for you

Our yoga asana classes give you more youthfulness and vitality, release built up tension, increase your flexibility and strength, improve the functioning of all the internal systems of your body, cleanse and detox, balance your hormones, your chakras, your energy and constitution, calm your mind, calm your nervous system, reduce stress, building complete health and well being. Each yoga class finishes with some kirtan meditation.soothing your heart and mind.

Deep Peace Classes

by donation

Relax deeply, calming your mind, calming your nervous system and benefitting many internal systems. Deep Peace restores your energy and counteracts all stress. Each Deep Peace class includes guided meditation building inner peace.

Meditation Classes

by donation

At our Meditation classes get started on your own personal journey of overall good health, peace of mind and deep spiritual happiness. Through meditation a person can live in this world untouched by anxieties. Learn 3 simple techniques that you can easily fit into your daily routine.

No need to book. Just rock up.


by donation

  Yogis come to some of our amazing Kirtans with live music and our favourite bands. Experience the peace and joy that this wonderful form of meditation can bring, Kirtan purifies the heart and mind, bringing about the deepest inner peace and happiness. Mellow & uplifting, heart warming sacred sound immersion. Also dynamic kirtan made up of beautiful melodies, driving rhythms and sacred mantras. The most powerful & most enjoyable form of meditation.


I absolutely live each week for Nathan’s class & love Kim’s yoga too.  I really need this time to re ground my soul and physical being. Yoga has always been my life. The price is great & affordable too…. on a budget of 1 income only.

Ally, May 2017


I have been practicing yoga, just twice a week for about 4 years. Initially, I was interested in the physical health benefit of increased muscle tone, especially to strengthen my back which is periodically troublesome.  The added benefit was a dramatic improvement in my flexibility and the life changing cultivation of self-awareness.  I really look forward to my class and find Nathan’s classes to be well balanced with easy to follow instruction, dappled with a sense of humour, spiritual guidance and genuine caring.

Many thanks namaste……..  Colleen March 2017


How Kirtan Has Changed My Life.

About 2 years ago I got invited to chant with Yadu at the CYC. Not knowing too much about it, I happily went with an open heart. Wow! What a beautiful vibe. I didn’t understand the words and wasn’t sure what I was meant but I did know that it made me feel good and I wanted more and more.

Everyone was so welcoming with no judgements and after 2 years of chanting they feel like my family. I really love chanting the mellow mantras with The Yadu & Friends. Then I saw Pralad and the Chants....and I’ve definitely come out of my shell. I love the loving welcome and big smile everyone gets from Pralad. My kids love Saturday nights at the centre and I feel it is slowly bringing peace into their hearts as well. Hearing them chant at home in day to day life makes me extremely proud as I know that it will help them through life.

I definitely have found my passion in life and I couldn't imagine life without chanting. My self-destructive days are gone without any effort and I deeply believe it is from the chanting  with the most amazing people.

Thankyou CYC... Vanessa, February 2107

Qualification details

All our yoga asana teachers are fully qualified Veda Yoga Trained teachers. All our other teachers are fully qualified in their areas of expertise.

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