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EXPERIENCE COUNTS!32 years in practice as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist I have helped thousands of patients and I would like to help you solve your Health Problems. Your Hormones are the conductor in the Symphony of Your Life. If Your Hormones are out of balance Your Life can be Difficult. (Please click on Hormonal Problems under ABOUT US at the top left of this page and you will be able to read an article on this topic as well as articles on: DEPRESSION, STRESS, and WEIGHT LOSS. Great Health can be your passport to a Wonderful Life. Come along and talk to me and I shall show you How! A BROADER PICTURE If you visit my website You will be able to read articles that give my views on topics such as: cancer, weight loss, hormonal irregularities etc. You will also see comments from patients who have visited me down through the years. There is also an opportunity to sign up for my FREE NEWSLETTER which keeps me in touch with my patients.

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Peregian Springs, Coolum & Noosa

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Emotional wellbeing Natural medicine Lifestyle Irregular periods Hormones Libido


I treat people not symptoms! Because each person is unique, when you come to see me I first listen respectfully, until together we unearth THE CAUSE OF YOUR PROBLEM. The next step I take is I explain in a way you will understand, exactly what is wrong with you.

The next step is to formulate a course of action that is going to assist you to get well. This is where Natural Medicine shines because it takes into account you, as a whole person, not just a cluster of symptoms. In line with this perspective I often mix my own Herbal Remedies which allow me to make a special connection with you as an individual. This cannot take place if only tablets are prescribed which are made in a far away factory without recourse to your individual needs.


I enjoy the thrill of seeing people go from sickness to Good Health. At 67 years of age, it tells me I’m still able to make a positive impact on the planet.

I have written two books on Natural Medicine - 100% Alive & Happy and 100% Alive & Happy in the Kitchen. There is also a double CD of the same name.

I give lectures around the country and have appeared on television and given numerous radio interviews.
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Allergy: Don’t let allergy ruin your life. It can trigger tiredness, asthma, eczema and disorientate your thinking. I devoted an entire chapter to Allergy in my book. Herbal Medicine is wonderful in treating Allergy and there probably isn’t a day in the clinic when I don’t mix an individual herbal combination for someone with Allergy.

Arthritis: Pain, tiredness and limitation of movement - these things can take the pleasure out of your life. Science works with Natural Medicine in today’s world and there have been some wonderful successes in the fight against Arthritis. The big advantage with the way I treat Arthritis is that people are not plagued with the side effects delivered by some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Asthma: It is said that Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the lungs. This is true but asthma is much more than that because I have seen Asthma triggered in dozens of different ways in different people. If you come and see me with Asthma, I shall take your whole circumstance into account when we formulate a treatment plan to help you onto the path of Good Health.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Prostate disease is on the march. One of the principal reasons for this is because of poor diet, particularly the consumption of hydrogenated fats. With a change of diet and the right treatment, many of my male patients have been pleased with the results.

Bladder Infections: Sometimes this needs urgent medical intervention, but repeated bladder infections is a warning signal to look for the cause. In my clinics, herbal medicine has often come to the aid of such patients.

Candida: This is a curse that effects millions of people across the world. The trick here is to keep your immunity as high as possible so that your natural defences can keep this fungus under control. The tentacles of candida can reach into not only your physical health but also your mental well being.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: I am contacted more and more by people with this problem. Unfortunately, some people are told by some practitioners that this condition does not exist and to ‘just get on with their life.’ This is terribly cruel because this condition definitely does exist bringing fundamental changes at a cellular level to those inflicted with the problem.

Cholesterol: High cholesterol is very dangerous but in an attempt to lower cholesterol some people are prescribed drugs to which they have bad reactions. There are natural ways to lower cholesterol that are well proven.

Constipation: Constipation is not just a product of poor diet. Emotional well being plays a big role here as does your whole life style. I can explain this to you in a way you will readily understand.

Depression: Please see my separate article on this very important topic under ABOUT US at the top left of this page.

Diabetes: This condition is sweeping the world because of poor life choices. It is a very dangerous disease because it is an independent marker for Heart Disease. It is not as simple as saying that all diabetics do not produce enough insulin. Some folk do but it is not utilized correctly.

Energy: Low energy seems to be a common denominator when people tell me their health problems. There can be a thousand reasons but one occurs time after time. Poor thyroid function can often be the problem even when your blood tests have shown your thyroid is fine. I’ll show you why.

Gallbladder: There are times when problems with this organ are a matter for a surgeon but not always. Lifestyle plays a big role here and so does Herbal Medicine.

Heart Disease: Many times patients who seek me out with Heart Problems need a total change of Lifestyle. This is what Natural Medicine is really all about - showing patients how to bring their lives back into balance and using Natural Alternatives to assist the process.

High Blood Pressure: High Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer and for good reason. It does not take much elevation for blood pressure to start effecting kidney function and your heart. Clinical Nutrition can play a big role here and can be very effective in helping to lower your Blood Pressure.


Hypoglycaemia ( Low Blood Sugar ): If you have low energy, mood swings, short term memory problems or sometimes feel feint, you may have low blood sugar. This can be turned around dramatically by good clinical nutritional advice and a change of lifestyle.

Sex: Fulfilling sex is not just a physical act. It is a product of good physical and emotional health. Natural Medicine is wonderful in this sphere.

Sinus: Herbal Medicine is my favourite form of attack here. It is well absorbed and in my experience helps to build a barrier between the allergen and things like Mast Cells.

Ulcer: Correcting the acid/alkaline balance in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract is of the utmost importance with this problem as is controlling inflammation. One of the things I use here is individual mixtures of Herbal Medicine.

Weight Loss: There have never been more Gyms and Personal Trainers, yet there have never been more overweight people. Obviously then, exercise is not the whole answer. About 10% of the energy you expend each day is used in digesting your food, 20% is allocated to exercise, and a massive 70% is consumed by your Resting Metabolic Rate. Logically, it follows that if you want Sustainable Long Term Weight Loss you need to know how to manipulate your Resting Metabolic Rate. I’ll show you how. Please also see the separate article under ABOUT US at the top left of this page.


My consultation fee is $75. Many patients claim the cost of their consultations back through their Health Funds.


You can make an appointment at my Lawnton Clinic in Brisbane by telephoning either 3285 3757 or 0428 789 103.

Appointments for my Sunshine Coast Clinic at Coolum may be made by telephoning 0428 789 103


I have a Diploma of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Naturopathy, Certificate of Herbal Medicine and a Post Graduate Diploma of Clinical Nutrition. I am a Fellow of ANTA


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