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Iridology is the study of the iris or the coloured part of the eye. This structure has detailed fibres and pigmentation that reflects information about our physical and psychological makeup. It identifies inherited dispositions (how our body will react to our environment and what the symptoms are most likely to occur), risks (what specific areas or organ systems are more likely to have symptoms) and future challenges (where we are likely to have more issues as we get older). Iridology assists identification of inherited emotional patterns which can create or maintain physical symptoms, as well as identify lessons or challenges and gifts or talents available.


Homeopathy is a system of medicines that involves treating the person with extremely diluted substances. Homoeopathy is based on the principle that you are able to treat ‘like with like’, that is a substance that causes symptoms when taken in large doses can be used in small amounts to treat those same symptoms.

For example, drinking too much coffee can cause sleeplessness and agitation, yet when coffee is given in its homoeopathic form (reduced form), it can reduce these symptoms.

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