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NST / Bowen Therapy. Remove pain and restricted movement fast.  Also works for headaches, stiff jaw and postural issues.  

NST - Neurostructural Integration Technique / Bowen Therapy

Focus areas

Emotional wellbeing Pressure points Meridian massage Physical pain Structural integrity Nervous system

If you have a sore back, neck, shoulder, knees, or poor posture, then this is for you.
This neurostructural technique designed by Michael Nixon-Levy is widely used in Europe. It uses Bowen moves (based on the work of Tom Bowen) to remove pain and dysfunctional physiological and psychological conditions. It restores the structural integrity of the body. When we restore that structural integrity, the body can relax and heal itself. It is like rebooting the whole body, and that impacts all the organs, the lymphatic system, the nervous system and emotional well-being.

NST, whilst designed to release physical pain, has also been shown to relieve headaches, migraines, clicking jaw, vestibular migraines, and symptoms from anxiety and hypervigilance. As it releases tension from the whole body, it is like hitting a reset button. Many clients just love to come for a quick body reset and walk away feeling calm and relaxed all over!


  • Diploma In Holistic Kinesiology
  • RTT Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Advanced Diploma In Integrative Complementary Medicine
  • Diploma In Mind Body Medicine
  • Advanced Neurostructural Integration Technique Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Professional Membership

  • ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Australian Kinesiology Association
  • The Society of Natural Therapists and Researchers Inc

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