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Core Kinesiology & Natural Therapies
Member since
Aug 2014

Core Kinesiology & Natural Therapies

Contact Name Rachel Smith - Kinesiologist
Phone 02 8018 7282
Address Suite 803
135 Macquarie St
Sydney NSW 2000
Servicing Areas CBD, Servicing Eastern Suburbs, North Shore, Inner West ..
Better Health for a Better YOU. Rachel helps clients live happier and healthier lives: Stress, Mood, Fertility Support & More. Convenient Sydney CBD location on Macquarie Street or over Skype. 

Core Kinesiology & Natural Therapies - Rachel Smith


  • Are different relationships in your life causing you stress?

  • Would you like to break toxic cycles?

  • Does life sometimes feel like a struggle or battle?

  • Do you feel stuck or stagnant in one area of your life?

  • Have you ever wondered why you are stressed by particular events, when the next person might not be?

  • Are you feeling overwhelm in one or more areas of your life?

  • Have you lost confidence with previous stressful events in your life?

  • Do you sometimes break free of stressful situations only to find yourself in another one?

  • Would you like to be one of those "lucky" people?

  • Are you feeling fed up and tired?

If you would like to uncover the source of your stress and take back control of how you feel, you have come to right place.

As a Kinesiologist, I have a range of tools to work with both your body and mind to uncover sources of stress in your mind and body.
Many triggers build up over time and often connect, even if it appears to be a very different time, place or situation.

Before Kinesiology, my professional background was in Psychology, Research and Human Resources. When in research, I was involved in studies focusing on child health and anxiety, parental health and parenting behaviours.

Kinesiology is covered by most health funds.

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The aim of a Kinesiology consultation is to dissolve stress and compensation patterns in the body, assisting the client to lead calm and confident, happy healthy lives.

Kinesiology integrates a range of natural therapies assessment tools and approaches to resolve the source of health and behavioural difficulties, enabling the client to reach their own potential and live optimally.

The main focus of a session is to identify the cause not just symptoms of a presenting concern, as often many different symptoms have a common driver. Focusing on the source, you will have a better understanding of your body and will be able to take back control of your health faster.

Kinesiology uses a method of biofeedback (muscle monitoring) to investigate imbalances in the body using structural, biochemical, psychological and energetic assessments.

Kinesiology also draws on a range of techniques including neurological approaches, structure and nutrition, energetic medicine, mind body medicine, traditional chinese medicine, homeopathics and bush flower essences.

Many different concerns often come from a common driver and using both Mind and Body techniques to support you, allows for accelerated healing and repair of these systems.

Contact us via or 'Make an Enquiry' below, to find out more about her services, or to book your first consultation.

Qualification Details


  • B Arts (Psych) Hons

  • Diploma in Kinesiology

  • Diploma in Mind Body Medicine

  • ATMS

  • Usui Reiki 3a

  • Adv Dip Yoga Teaching (500 hours)


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