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Hyperthermia Therapy
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Hyperthermia Therapy has been shown to dramatically improve the therapeutic potential of your immune system and even work with chemotherapy and radiation.

Hyperthermia Therapy

Recently re-emerged as an adjacent cancer therapy, Hyperthermia Therapy is now being used in hospitals and cancer clinics around the globe. Hyperthermia Therapy is also great for:

    • if you're planning or trying to fall pregnant


    • vaginal infection


    • endometriosis


    • ovarian cysts


    • reducing stress and anxiety


    • immune boosting


    • suffering from parasite infestation


    • want to improve appearance or slow the hands of time (anti-aging)


    • want to lose weight


    • acute and chronic pain


    • ensure faster post-operative recovery


As we know a fever is when the body is entering a regenerative response. The body’s natural self-preservation mechanism. When your body has a fever, it's the body's highly evolved attempt to destroy invading organisms and in turn to sweat impurities out through the skin. The fever increases mitochondrial function and optimal mitochondrial function means optimal cell regeneration.

Fever Therapy or Hyperthermia Therapy is a type of treatment where pathogens are exposed to elevated temperatures. This has several effects including:

– Tags the cells for immune system recognition and removal
– Bone marrow produces more pathogen-fighting white blood cells
– Intense deep tissue detoxification from stored toxins
– Vital processes and organs are stimulated to work faster activating more hormones and enzymes
– Oxygenation of the whole body
– Produces a state of overall relaxation that is essential to the healing process

Hyperthermic Ozone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology (HOCATT™) sessions are usually 25-30 minutes. Most protocols recommend 2-3 sessions per week, but some cases do require daily sessions initially. A couple of sessions per month are recommended for even the healthiest clients looking to maintain and increase their vitality.

After a session, you should take some time (10 - 15 minutes) to rest and collect yourself on a chair or bed, and drink water before you put your clothes back on.

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