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Core Naturopathics

Core Naturopathics

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Core Naturopathics

Kinesiologists check to see if a nutritional, structural, emotional or meridian system problem exists. Then the appropriate correction is performed. We always use the body as its own indicator to tell us what type of correction the body needs.


The basic premise is that the body will do anything it needs to do to survive, it was identified what was required for this to happen. There is a reactive pattern - one muscle turning another one on in sequence.

The basic survival patterns occur when we are eating, fighting, fleeing or reproducing. When you think of it when we are doing one of these tasks we are not doing either of the other two so in a Kinesiology session we aim to identify which program is running. 

Bernard Carson – Kinesiologist at CORE, has over 30 years of experience and offers the highest standard of kinesiology. A qualified N.O.T. instructor and member of the Australian Kinesiology Association, he will work with you to find the most effective and appropriate techniques to re-balance the basic switches, reflexes, muscles, organs, and meridians of the body, assisting you to return to a state of optimal health and well-being.

As part of Bernard's practice at CORE, he has access to a comprehensive Naturopathic clinic, which provides a number of ‘baseline’ tests. One specific test has become an intrinsic part of Bernard's treatment success - Biochemical Analysis test. This tests the current digestive state and its ability to efficiently digest the nutrients you consume. This test has been found to be invaluable in maximising client outcomes.

We are offering Bernard’s clients this specific test at a special rate and if you would like this test or you require more information, please contact the clinic.

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